We are happy to announce the new team members here at RaceDepartment, who will continue to bring you the latest news, guides, reviews and more from the world of sim racing.

Today we are happy to formally announce three new members of the RaceDepartment team. Each of the new members brings the same level of passion for racing simulators and racing games to what you’ve come to expect from RaceDepartment.

First, we have Damian. Damian brings a wealth of experience in video production and first-hand gaming industry knowledge to the team. You can expect to see a lot of Damian’s excellent content on the RaceDepartment YouTube channel very soon, so be sure to subscribe today and enable notifications.

Next up, we have Yannik. Our partner website, simracing-unlimited.com features Yannik’s outstanding work in covering all things sim racing. Yannik’s passion for our hobby shows in his writing, and RaceDepartment will feature more of his work in the future while covering hardware reviews, game releases, esports and much more.

Lastly, we have Mike from SimRacing604. Through his YouTube channel over the past several years, Mike has built a knowledge base of the sim racing world both as a consumer and a collaborator with software and hardware developers. Mike will be overseeing the content featured on RaceDepartment, both as a writer and in coordinating contributions from other team members.

RaceDepartment is the biggest website in sim racing, and with these new team member additions we aim to keep growing and continue to be the community’s first choice for all things related to sim racing.

We have several priorities we’re now better able to leverage with the new team members. A primary focus moving forward will be improved community interaction. We want to serve this community as best we can by featuring the types of content you want to see most and focusing primarily on the racing sims you’re playing the most. Be sure to check back often for all the most relevant racing sim news, reviews, community member features, opinions, IRL motorsports news, and guides.

We’d like to welcome each of the new team members, and to thank the over 1,800,000 members of the RaceDepartment community who allow us to share our passion with you.