iRacing Adds More Free Content

The most expensive service in the motor simulation universe will strengthen its base content with three pieces: one car and two tracks.

iRacing has announced part of its new content for the upcoming update of the new season. Starting next week, users can enjoy a whole new car from Toyota. The GR86 Cup is the latest star on the North America Gazoo Racing schedule and takes place on seven of the most iconic tracks ariybd the country. The car has modifications from its base model, detailed on the GR Cup website.

"The GR86 Cup car modifications include Bosch engine management, custom Borla exhaust, SADEV 6-speed sequential transmission, Alcon brakes, JRI adjustable shocks, OMP safety equipment, roll cage, carbon fiber rear wing, 22-gallon fuel cell, TGRNA designed MacPherson strut, Stratasys custom bodywork, a TGRNA designed splitter, and more."

Virginia International Raceway will get some love as well. The track will be updated with the latest data and technologies and will also be part of the base content. Users who purchased the track in the last three months will have a full refund.

On the Dirt Road category, there is news too. Wild West Motorsports Park will enrich the base content (with a full refund for the last three months' buyers) and two more legacy free tracks will have Dirt Road configurations. Daytona and Phoenix will make the Rookie level much more accessible and coherent eliminating Joker Laps from the rallycross tracks.

iRacing will be deploying these and more S1 2023 updates next week, popularly known as the 13th week when the service tests the new features and content before the official beginning.

What do you think about this release? Let us know in the comments down below!
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Wow, VIR for free, thats great news, one of my favorite tracks! I really wanna try Iracing, its pretty much the only one i've never driven (apart from Codies F1). But im still not keen on renting it all. I don't mind paying a sub for great multiplayer at all, but not having access to even just drive a car i've purchased on a track i've purchased, by myself. What if you lost internet for a couple of months for instance. I really wish they at least had a very small demo just to get a feel for it. I know they have a cheap months sub, but if there was a free limited demo, maybe if I liked it I'd buy the full year sub. I do hear Driver61 saying the MX5 is the closest hes driven to the real thing, and he should know!
Hard to argue with free and with a replacement for the Mazda...fingers crossed.
Hard to argue with free and with a replacement for the Mazda...fingers crossed.
That's going to be interesting indeed, but the GR86 Cup will be in its own official spec series only, it seems, because of license agreements, so probably we won't see the car in Production Challenge, though.

Anyhow, it could be a really nice new addition to the base content.

@Super Nova I thought we were talking of legal use of services, not stuff pirated by cheapskates.
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No one would say that Netflix has added "free content"
I agree that using that word wasnt the wisest, but at the end of the day, you pay X amount for the service, it came with X amount of cars... now you get one more car at no additional cost. How much does having that extra car cost you again?

No need for everyone to complain or be vocal about something they are clearly not subscribing too.
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Everyone moaning about Iracings ‘subscription’ needs to get a grip. I love multiplayer racing and Iracing is light years ahead of every other sim despite being the oldest, so what other developer is offering the same level of multiplayer infrastructure for free? It’s not only the 24/7 racing in any car class you care for but forums for each car where people post setups and weekly race guides, it’s the anti cheat software, the fact I can look at my statistics for my entire career or any other drivers career, there’s the years and years of development. There’s so much more going on than people give Iracing credit for.
I tried LFM and rFactor2 the other week and it’s woeful in comparison. Fair play to LFM for providing a free service to sim racers but you get what you pay for.
Until another developer offers the exact same level of multiplayer that Iracing does for free or without a subscription then how can anyone criticise?
The main reason I hear is that it would be way too costly for a developer to do it! So a developer has provided it, but you have to pay for the service. Go figure!
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