iRacing Adds Virtual Workshop, Pay To Fix Crashed Cars

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In the latest update, iRacing has introduced lasting damage for cars. Pay other players to repair crashed vehicles at the new Virtual Workshop.

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Driving standards in simracing have often been a hot topic of discussion. When you can't get hurt from a crash and crash damage costs you no more than a bit of ego, players tend to make moves they wouldn't dream of doing in the real world.

For many years, iRacing has been at the forefront of the driving standards battle. Its Safety Rating system has been copied in several other ranking systems and certainly plays on many drivers' minds. But at times, players still feel free to send a risky move up the inside for a lowly position.

But now, the online racing service is taking an extra measure to limit the amount of accidents on its servers. Official races will now implement a feature called 'lasting damage.' Aiming to deter foolish moves this April and inspire players to take things more easily, the game will remember the damage caused to each car. The same damaged parts from a previous session will be kept for future races and practice sessions.

Don't worry though, iRacing has a plan to help you out. Much like the real world, player must now send their damaged vehicles to the so-called "Virtual Workshop" where their cars will get a make over. Furthermore, this new feature will add a new game mode for the title. iRacers will get the chance to open their own Virtual Workshops in a bid to earn credits to use in-game.

Pay or be paid​

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With this new game dynamic, iRacing allows players to earn Credits. Set yourself up as one of many mechanics and get a virtual workshop from which you can repair other players' cars.

The details of how one will fix cars is as yet unclear. But as RaceDepartment understands it, iRacing has followed a similar route to the newly released Apex Point and Car Mechanic Simulator. Players will reportedly remove individual parts, check their damage levels and either replace them, fix them or leave them as they are. Better still, they can do all this in VR for a truly immersive racing mechanic experience.

By fixing race cars, virtual workshop owners can earn up to $2 per car. For those that would rather race than sit in a garage, crashed cars can cost up to $5 in the case of a totally wrecked vehicle. However, minor bumps will certainly cost a lot less.

A long time in the works​

Releasing in April 2023, this new feature has reportedly been in development for a long time. In fact, the development team seems to suggest that the New Damage Model in which cars break apart more realistically was created for this purpose.

"We have always pushed ourselves to make our virtual race tracks safer," says the release statement. "It is of the upmost importance to us that our users have the most entertaining experiences possible on our service and we believe this new pair of features will help to do just that. We have been working on this ever since the introduction of our New Damage Model and are excited to see the community's economy thrive."

It's true that when your money is on the line, it affects how you drive. We often see this from amateur racing drivers coming into the real-world sport. And now, it seems iRacers will think twice before sending their car into a wall.

Do you think this new feature is a good move for iRacing?
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I’ve also read that they’re implementing a graphical representation of the ‘tow’ feature. Soon you will have to wait for a tow truck to arrive & hitch up your car. You will of course have to pay for the service, & also tip the surly driver, if you don’t he’ll drop your car hard causing even further damage. This is the immersion we’ve been waiting for!!!
This almost got me until it was stated that the drivers would be paying other drivers to fix the cars, instead of paying micropayments to iracing. Sadly we live in an era in where wild capitalism has gone so far in every area that anything seems plausible.
Spotted a little bug which might become a big issue. I have just entered a race on Monza and took out the entire field in the first corner on the first lap (because fun!). There is now a huge pile of cars in front of my Virtual Workshop waiting for repairs.

I am going to be rich! :D:p


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