iRacing Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Special Series

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How time flies: iRacing is turning 15 years old, having launched officially on August 26th, 2008 - a fact we already found astonishing in early May. To celebrate the occasion, iRacing is set to host four special series throughout August, with a big prize up for grabs for participating sim racers.

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Looking back at 15 years of successful online competition, the four anniversary series use throwback content, some of it even being free cars included with every membership. The series run for a week each and race at different tracks every day.

iRacing 15th Anniversary Series Overview​

15th Anniversary Solstice Challenge​

  • Date: August 1st to 7th
  • Car: Pontiac Solstice (included with membership)
  • Aug. 1st: Summit Point Raceway
  • Aug. 2nd: Laguna Seca
  • Aug. 3rd: Summit Point Raceway - Jefferson Circuit
  • Aug. 4th: Charlotte Motor Speedway - Roval
  • Aug. 5th: Lime Rock - Grand Prix
  • Aug. 6th: VIR - South Course
  • Aug. 7th: Tsukuba Circuit - 2000 Full
All circuits are included with every iRacing membership.

15th Anniversary Legends Car Challenge​

  • Date: August 8th to 14th
  • Car: Legends Ford '34 Coupé (included with membership)
  • Aug. 8th: Lanier National Speedway - Asphalt
  • Aug. 9th: Oxford Plains Speedway
  • Aug. 10th: South Boston Speedway
  • Aug. 11th: Langley Speedway
  • Aug. 12th: USA International Speedway - Asphalt
  • Aug. 13th: Concord Speedway
  • Aug. 14th: Irwindale Speedway - Outer
All circuits except Irwindale are included with every iRacing membership.

15th Anniversary Skippy Challenge​

  • Date: August 15th to 21th
  • Car: Skip Barber Formula 2000
  • Aug. 15th: Lime Rock - Grand Prix
  • Aug. 16th: VIR - North Course
  • Aug. 17th: Laguna Seca
  • Aug. 18th: VIR - South Course
  • Aug. 19th: Charlotte Motor Speedway - Roval
  • Aug. 20th: Summit Point Raceway
  • Aug. 21st: VIR - Patriot Course
All circuits are included with every iRacing membership.

15th Anniversary Late Model Challenge​

  • Date: August 22nd to 28th
  • Car: Late Model Stock
  • Aug. 22nd: USA International Speedway - Asphalt (included with membership)
  • Aug. 23rd: South Boston Speedway (included with membership)
  • Aug. 24th: Concord Speedway (included with membership)
  • Aug. 25th: Stafford Motor Speedway - Full Course
  • Aug. 26th: Martinsville Speedway
  • Aug. 27th: Lanier National Speedway - Asphalt (included with membership)
  • Aug. 28th: Irwindale Speedway - Outer

The series' calendars partially include the same venues, so it will not be necessary to invest in seven circuits per series. Racers who participate in at least one race of each series will recveive a 15th Anniversary Award, and out of everyone who does, a random draw will decide 15 lucky drivers who win a prize of 1.000 iRacing credits.

Two series with a focus on road racing, two focusing on ovals, and most of the tracks included in every membership - if you are usually mostly competing in one of the disciplines, this might be a good time to try your hand at the other and possibly pad your iRacing wallet along the way.

Your Thoughts​

What do you think about iRacing's special series to celebrate their 15th anniversary? Are you going to participate, and if so, which race are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Definitely going to take part in one race each week. When I became a member 12 years ago, those four cras plus the Mazda Miata were pretty much the stuff that came with the sub, I guess there were 4 ovals and 4 road tracks each, but not quite sure. Today, numbers have mushroomed.
credit where credit is due.
not bad keeping this game up, running and relevant for this whole time.
its basically what WoW was/is for mmorpgs, just for simracing.
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Why don't they a 15th Anniversary special event: IceRacing

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Come on man, i did not liked it 2-3 years ago, frankly speaking i hated it but now i play it about 1,5 years already maybe 2 and it matured to best sim, and i has all sims! Ofcourse everyone can choose their best, i remeber with v2.5 fanatec i liked most ffb on RF2, but most complete game now is iR yes i know it is ireting! ;)
Last edited:
Have tried to like iRacing but just doesn’t do it for me. 15 years on and still no wet racing?????
Oh darn, I missed all the juicy stuff.
On another note: realized Skip Barber was never a car that went with the base sub, it was only tintops early days. Going to do the Solstice event tonight, runs every 30min. 12min. race at Jefferson, that tiny tiny track in the park, that'll bring back some memories :)
just finished the race, what a weird track, haven't played it for ages, so much fun, finished a good sixth of twelve, div01 guys storming away at the front, fun battles midfield with the Slowstice.

Last edited:
nah, you wouldn't recognize it if you played it 14-15 years ago, imagine adding about 5 cars and 5 tracks a year x15 years, adding AI racing and mud racing and of course a new UI, to name but a few of the big big changes.

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