iRacing Companion App Set to Release This Summer

Sim racing for your pocket: It's been in demand for a while, now it's becoming reality - iRacing is launching an official companion app. The basis is the already available iSchedule app, which will be replaced by the new app in the summer.

With the iRacing Companion App, sim racers will have an overview of their licenses, statistics and even personal lap records everywhere in the future. Other announced features concern content and events of the simulation: It will be possible to view all series, mark favorites and filter by license class, category, setup type and more.

Of particular interest to sim racers: While iSchedule previously was a paid app, it will be available for free until the release of the successor app. The iRacing Companion App will then also be available for free in the AppStore and Google Play - all you need is an iRacing account. The already confirmed features can be found below, more will be added until the release.
  • See all of your licenses, statistics, and fastest times
  • Explore all of iRacing’s series and mark your favorites, with filters by license class, category, setup type, your eligibility, and more
  • Explore all of iRacing’s cars and tracks, with filters by ownership, content type, release, price, and more
  • Add reminders for upcoming races, including your favorite series and League races
  • Get the latest news stories from the iRacing website and UI
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I've been using iSchedule on Android up to now and it does pretty much everything I need. Hopefully an "official" app will offer even more.
Being able to sign up for races through it would be nice. I don't really see a need to check all these other features away from the PC to be honest.
Watching races would be good though through the app, it could conceivably hurt YouTube and twitch streamers.
Other than scheduling why do I need to check my stats at home?
Never heard of it. Just downloaded to my phone. This is excellent. Have bookmarked my favourite series so when I look at upcoming races I can see just them and the time of the next race. Means I can get on with my chores with a reminder set and target time to get them finished by. Much easier than printing off the season schedule or having to be at a pc to check what’s coming up.

Very nice

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