iRacing Late Model Stock Car gets much-needed Update

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Season 2 of 2023 is rapidly approaching in iRacing. The latest content dropping with the update is a new lower-level stock car. The Late Model is getting a revamp in a few weeks’ time.

With fans just now getting over the excitement of releases featuring in the game’s Season 1 update this year, Season 2 is right around the corner. As such, plenty of new cars and tracks are on the horizon.

The development team has already teased upcoming releases such as European grassroots vehicles, the Renault Clio Cup and Formula Ford. And now, it seems the simulator is also showing the lower American classes some love too.

Rejuvenating old content on iRacing

In a post yesterday, the team unveiled its upcoming Late Model Stock Car set to replace the now eight-year-old racer. The outgoing car, marketed as a Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS has been popular among oval enthusiasts as it provided a great learning step on the stock car ladder.

The same will seemingly be true with the incoming vehicle simply dubbed the Late Model Stock. This unbranded car which still carries clear similarities to other Chevy oval race cars will race in the iRacing CARS Late Model Stock Tour. Just like the current Late Model series, expect it to run for racers with a D license and above.

iRacing's latest Late Model Stock car from the side

The in-game car itself is modelled after the same car that won the driver’s and team’s championships in 2022, run under the JR Motorsport banner. It weighs 1.4 tonnes while its roaring V8 engine puts out an impressive 400hp.

iRacing’s executive director, Dale Earnhardt Jr is an owner of the JR Motorsport team and was reportedly heavily involved in the car’s development. Rest assured then that this new release will be as close to reality as possible. The ex-NASCAR driver supposedly spent hours testing and giving feedback to the development team.

This new model will totally replace the old car. iRacers that owned the outgoing Late Model will simply receive a refreshed version. However, AI rosters and liveries will need replacing according to iRacing’s advice.
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Very excited about the Late Model update. And it would have been better if it had been a Class C

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Thats the class of the Super Late Model... way more horsepower

Remember, ladder to climb :)
The Late Model is now more powerful. There are ARCA and SK for the D class.
SLM can be moved to Class "B" - it is quite a complicated car.

You could leave "D" - fix, "C" - open and that would be cool.

My ladder was without LM )) I liked it much later
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