iRacing RACEtober: Charity Races For Breast Cancer Research

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On October 14, the iRacing RACEtober charity race event is being held with a large variety of races that anyone can take part in. With the proceeds being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Twitch streamer Elz Indriani and Screen to Speed organisers Init Esports are running the iRacing RACEtober Charity Race this weekend, and anyone with an iRacing account is eligible to compete. There are a wide selection of races in a variety of cars.

The event lasts twelve hours starting from 5pm CEST, with the main race being a two-hour NASCAR multi-class race around Auto Club Speedway starting at 8pm CEST. In total there will be 12 races, featuring a whole different bunch of car and track combinations to appease every kind of racing fan.

RACEtober Breast Cancer Charity: Schedule

The main race of the event will begin at 8pm CEST, and it will include Gen 4, Xfinity and Truck NASCAR vehicles sharing the track for two straight hours. Seems like a recipe for disaster, does it not? Which is precisely why it fits for this more relaxed and fun event.

But there is plenty to keep those who are not NASCAR-inclined occupied. Here is the schedule:

Race 1: FF1600 at Lime Rock Park - 5pm CEST
Race 2: GTP & GT3 at Sebring (night race) - 6pm CEST
Race 3: FIA F4 at Road America - 7pm CEST
Race 4 (Main): Gen 4, Xfinity & Truck at Auto Club - 8pm CEST
Race 5: Formula Vee at Mount Washington - 11pm CEST
Race 6: Ferrari Challenge at Watkins Glen - 12am CEST
Race 7: Mazda MX-5 at Tsukuba - 1am CEST
Race 8: Pro2Lite at Summit Point - 2am CEST
Race 9: Dallara IR-18 at Phoenix - 3am CEST
Race 10: Arca at Wild West Motorsport Park - 4am CEST
Race 11: Formula Vee at Vegas infield - 5am CEST
Race 12: TBA - 6am CEST

That TBA will be a car and track decided upon by the top donator towards the end of the stream. Therefore, if you fancy being a sadist, donate the most money and you can pick a car and track that nobody owns so you can enjoy a bit of Max Verstappen-endorsed “self racing”.

RACEtober: How To Compete​

Donations with a minimum of $10 USD can be made on the RACEtober StreamLabs Charity page. You can also donate during the event and, providing you are a member of Elz's Discord server, be able to compete in the races.

Plus for those who compete in the main race, there will be prizes for the winners across all three classes. They intend to broadcast the main race on the Init Esports Twitch channel as well, and of course you can follow Elz's stream of all the races.

So feel free at any time from 4pm CEST on 14 October to join RACEtober, donate some money to BCRF and have some fun in all kinds of racing!

Will you be participating in the RACEtober charity event? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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