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The variety of tracks to race in iRacing is second to none - and it looks like it will be expanded with a hidden gem: A teaser video on Twitter strongly suggests that Willow Springs International Motorsports Park will be added to the service soon.

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While the video does not reveal much, most iRacers are certain that the bit of slightly cracked race track with dry grass on either side belongs to Willow Springs. The car that comes passing through, on the other hand, does not seem to be an upcoming addition, but rather an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 that can already be raced on the service.

Multiple Layouts in the Mojave Desert​

Opened in 1952, Willow Springs features three distinct track configurations that can all be operated independently of each other. Additionally, three small ovals and a karting track bring the circuit total up to seven.

The oldest of the three main tracks is called Big Willow and features nine mostly fast turns, as well as interesting elevation changes. Big Willow used to play host to various NASCAR series until the 1980s. It is situated in the Mojave Desert, with the other two main configurations called Horse Thief Mile (designed to resemble a mountain road) and The Streets of Willow Springs (a smaller, twistier circuit with multiple configurations).

In recent years, the venue has mostly been used for testing purposes, although the Trans-Am Series West Coast Championship raced at Big Willow as recently as 2017. Willow Springs should serve as a fitting venue for iRacing's lower classes like the Mazda MX-5 Cup, Formula Vee or the Renault Clio Cup.


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Your Thoughts​

What do you think about the addition of Willow Springs? Have you raced there before? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Even though I never got to buy iRacing, I think this is a nice addition to the game and it is probably a lot of fun in singleseaters
Am I the only person who hates this track. Glad to see the addition and by no means don't want to see a track ppl can enjoy, but I think it's the weirdest flowing track I've ever fake raced on.
Agreed, I hate willow springs to sim race on.
I have raced there before, Willow Springs is the quintessential American Track and is not for rookies. Turn 9 is a man's corner, I cut my teeth in that track since a good friend who passed away a couple of years ago did have a racing school there. Budweiser Balcony is a good place to take pictures , all corners are made to scare anyone at speed since there is not margin for error. If you like racing history , you must go there someday , its like going back in time .
@CrazyJow Nah, come on! Tell me more about it. Why I-Renting? Never heard of that before. You seem to be so refreshingly creative. :)

The track is not one of my favorites…I hope they someday get their hands on Portland. Nevertheless: the more tracks the better. And this is certainly one of the more famous circuits.
For some reason, i don´t like Willow Springs.
It´s kind of boring, has no flow or particularities.
But that´s just my two cents.
I would buy this in an instant if it includes the Hagerty Insurance 4-up Drag layout.
We already know that Point to Point exists... (Mt. Washington)
We already know that Heat Races exist.
A Drag Race Heat Format could look like this!
16 entries.
4 "heats", Winner of each heat advances to the final.
The 4 winners drag race for the podium.

I think it would be a blast because each "heat" would be so short, nobody sitting around for long.
As much as I liked iRacing, long before it had AI, I don't understand this statement: "The variety of tracks to race in iRacing is second to none".
Maybe for real tracks thats true, but not for historical tracks. AC has more of those than iRacing ever will.


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