KartKraft Version 1.0 Released

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After many years of development, KartKraft has come out of Early Access and added new content and features.

KartKraft's journey through Early Access has been a long one, but the karting sim has finally been released to Steam in version 1.0. For those who have followed the development of KartKraft, don't expect a major overhaul as the sim leaves Early Access.

KartKraft utilizes the Unreal Engine for its graphics, and supports VR and TrackIR. At times, the karting action can look lifelike, but unfortunately graphical glitches and crash-to-desktop issues have carried over into the full release.

There are four main game modes present, which allow players to race against AI, practice solo on an empty track, compete to set the fastest laptime in time trial mode, or race online in multiplayer mode.

In terms of content, the full release of KartKraft includes karts from the KA100, X30, KZ2, KartKross and now the Monster Kart classes. The Monster Kart is the newest addition to the title, and its 600cc engine produces 100hp; a scary figure in a tiny vehicle.

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Eight karting locations are featured in KartKraft: Atlanta Motorsports Park, Geelong Kart Club, Karting Genk, Go Kart Club of Victoria, PF International, Brentomonte Circuit, Whilton Mill, and Hangar. Hangar is currently on available to drive in Time Trial mode.

Thankfully, much of the user interface players have come to know and appreciate has been left intact. Mapping inputs is easily accomplished, and the load times are excellent. The game also allows you to adjust your kart's setup and save custom setup files.

If you've tried KartKraft's full release, let us know your thoughts on the title in the comments below.
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I bought KK a good 18 months ago, still yet to load it up for the first time. Every time I see an update post I think 'maybe soon', this is no different. I really do want to give it a go and glad it is now out of EA and into a full release.

Too many sims and not enough time
Does it support true tripple implementation yet?
Own the game, didnt untill I started up the last time and is unplayable without
It's not especially clear from the article what is new, are the Monster Karts the only thing added in version 1? A bullet point list of changes would be helpful.
For hotlapping and racing against the AI it's fine, the tyre model, FFB and overall physics are still solid, but in terms of a 'Full Release'?

Well it continues a trend for Motorsport games of putting out content too early, nothing beyond time trail or single racer for the off-line player, limited on-line. A broken in-game economy, graphics issues and glitches, replays that don't work for all tracks, poorly optimised VR. One of the Kart brands is still called 'Generic - The Generic Manufacturer'.

Once again MSG push out a title to launch that's not ready for release, it's at least better in that regard than NASCAR: Ignition, but that's a low bar to beat. Don't get me wrong, I love the driving in Kart Kraft, but it doesn't deserve to be released in an unfinished state.

pre release, post release, beta, full release, bla bla bla!
Who cares if its is .001 or 1.0.
Kart Kraft has offered for a while now and still offers today, a solid simulation of Kart driving, both in pancake and VR. believable physic and great graphics.
Probably the best Kart SIM available to us at the moment.
So thank you, we appreciate the work that has been done and are looking forward for any future improvements.
Kartkraft is indeed a great sim.
I am looking forward to see new kart cross tracks.
They should add mod support and this game goes super viral in a few weeks! Imho a no brainer... :rolleyes:
Anyway, bought it a long time ago and played around christmas the last time... time for another run! :)
I have to say that driving these karts is a lot of fun. It's tricky and difficult to get consistent but that makes it wanting to drive more. I really hope they will expend on the online part of it, because I would love to do some races with friends. It is lacking at that point
This title might get really interesting if we get mod tracks. I dont want want to drive any circuits that I have no relation to at all though. I want to drive tracks that Ive seen or know already, Michael Schumacher Kartcenter for example, next month Ill be doing a 1h race with 15 friends there and it would be awesome to prepare in the sim :D
Anyone had luck to join an online session? You can only practice there for now? :)
This booking feature is new to me... was it implemented before the final release?
Iirc, there was just an option to search for lobbies (racing?) ... what didn't worked out for me at the time.
But this booking feature looks very promising, reminds me to iracing! :D

Furthermore i find the track selection interface is worse now, there are no more maps/pictures of the tracks, just descriptions!? Very :(

Anyway, looking forward for new updates and content! :thumbsup:
Disappointed by the "Full" release.
There is much less content now as before.
Maybe it's a bug or something else but I cannot find the announced "Monster" Cars and a lot of Tracks available before have disappeared.
Kart Kross Carts are vanished.
Maybe need to re install
I was very excited when I bought it years ago, a key feature for me was the story of the small studio working on it for 15 years. The driving is great but there isn't much to do in game, still to this day it seems. I didn't start it in more than a year, didn't try the new content and features... but I don't see much new? The new ownership didn't change much in that regard
So yeah, the main novelty of this v1.0 seems the higher price... Not worth it imho if you don't own it already. I guess it will be on sales soon, like NASCAR: Ignition is for the third time 6 months after its release... Motorsport Games main goal seems easy money, that's sad.

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