Keep on Truckin' in GeneRally 2's August Update

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Update time for GeneRally 2: The promised patch for August is here, and it includes a new vehicle, two new circuits and a bunch of fixes and improvements to the successor of the cult classic top-down racer.

Earlier in August, developer Curious Chicken Games had already announced the racing truck to be the new vehicle in the game. Despite its size, it features a surprising amount of grip, making it fun to chuck around the tracks - careful when tangling with your opponents, though, as that makes the truck rather hard to control.

Two new circuits are also part of the update, and both have been placed in the "easy" folder of GeneRally 2's track library. This may be somewhat obvious for Tachren, a super-wide asphalt course that is a great stage for racing the new truck, but not as much for the other location called Rampster: Its name tells you basically all you need to know - this is no ordinary figure-8 track, but rather one with an enormous ramp at the crossover. Flinging trucks towards the following banked dirt corner off of it sure is a good time.

GeneRally 2 August Update Rampster.jpg

The new truck is not afraid of defying gravity, as one of the two new circuits demonstrates rather well.

More Objects, Better Handling​

For more in-depth surrounding, several new objects have been added to the track editor, such as piles of logs (as pictured at the top of Rampster above), flagpoles and containers. More variants for some objects are part of the update as well.

Under the hood, numerous elements have seen improvement, such as AI behavior as well as how cars react to steering inputs, making their handling more predictable and direct. The user interface has been improved, too, and Turkush and Russian have been added as new language localizations. Importing circuits from the original GeneRally should be smoother now as well.

You can find the full changelog for the August update below, including the two hotfixes that have already been released.

GeneRally 2 - v.0.4.d7636b3 Changelog​

Gameplay & Performance
  • Implemented shadow caching, which hopefully improves performance. The dynamic shadow mode will return later as a toggleable option.
  • Added a new car, "Truck".
  • Added two new tracks, "Rampster" and "Tachren".
  • Made changes to how the cars respond to steering inputs to improve their stability.
  • Adjusted the braking torque across all cars.
  • Adjusted the grip of cars on mud.
  • Lowered the General's centre of gravity.
  • Various small improvements have been made to the AI, particularly improving their ability to handle tight turns.
  • Driving through a bush now has a slowing effect.
  • Improved the way the AI handle pit-lanes and the AI pit line.
  • Improved the performance of the AI and car physics code.
  • Improved the feel of car collisions in a variety of situations.
  • Implemented some basic Steam Achievements.
  • Pit-crew will now start working on the car's tyres slightly more quickly.
  • The method of applying wheel damage has been updated to be more consistent.
  • Moderna has been updated slightly to improve the height map in Turn 2.
  • FIXED: Cars now have grip calculated correctly on steep slopes.
  • FIXED: Players who are "timed out" at the race end, now are correctly awarded points.
  • FIXED: Skidmarks now clear correctly when the end-of-race replay loops.
  • FIXED: The jack-man of the pit-crew no longer has a death wish.
  • FIXED: The game will no longer crash when leaving a skidmark against the top wall of the terrain.

User Interface
  • Implemented some prospective fixes for the default Steam Deck controller config.
  • Improved the functionality of the follow camera, including improving its "elasticity".
  • Added Russian language localisation (thanks to Paul Kozlovitch).
  • Added French language localisation (thanks to Aurélien Folley).
  • Adjusted the tyre wear and fuel usage scaling to range from 0-200%.
  • Re-enabled driver blocks showing for AI drivers. A toggle for this option will be coming in future.
  • FIXED: Characters in the Turkish translation should now all be rendered in the correct font.
  • FIXED: Driver block flags are now correct in all circumstances.

Track Editor
  • Added a new object, "Flagpole".
  • Added a new object, "Logs".
  • Added a new object, "Dead Tree".
  • Added a new object, "Container".
  • Added a new object, "Round Booth".
  • Added a new object, "House 2".
  • Added "tree stump" variants for all tree types.
  • Added the ability to force a Workshop upload to be made as a new track. **Please Note:** this will overwrite the Workshop ID stored in the track file, so you will not be able to update the previous track, unless you have saved a copy of the track beforehand.
  • FIXED: Object placement tool in "line" mode, no longer has variable spacing depending on drag speed.
  • FIXED: Multiple GR1-imported objects now import at their correct rotations.
  • FIXED: Blue cones in GR1 tracks, are now correctly imported as blue cones.
  • FIXED: AI line edge flags are now correctly generated on GR1 imports.
  • FIXED: The height maps of GR1 tracks now import more accurately.
  • FIXED: The rope parameter no longer applies to the single object rotation.
  • FIXED: An armco barrier no longer gets placed in the bottom-left corner of the track.
  • FIXED: The height map overlay no longer shows in screenshots if it was active when saving a track.

Known Issues
  • The main menu sometimes experiences distortions or other rendering issues - changing resolution, or restarting the game may rectify the issue.
  • Occasionally, when in Windowed mode, changing the language multiple times in quick succession can shrink the game window.

Hotfix v0.4.74b380d​

  • Car damage values have been adjusted slightly.
  • FIXED: Car damage is now applied correctly again.
  • FIXED: Invisible walls on GR1 tracks now import correctly again.

Hotfix v0.4.fc38262​

  • Formula's torque has been adjusted.
  • FIXED: Menu frame rate is no longer degraded.

What do you think of the new update to GeneRally 2? How do you like the game so far? Let us know in the comments below!
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Wow nostalgia trip!

Remember downloading this on the schools computer and hidden from the teacher, we love to snuck in and just race each other, trying to find new layouts on the keyboard so that squeez in another player.

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