Lamborghini The Real Race European Final Recap

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This weekend saw the Lamborghini The Real Race competition for 2023 host its European regional final, here’s a recap of all the action at the Nürburgring.

Image credit: Lamborghini Media Site

This weekend saw the European Finals take place in a LAN competition during the GT World Challenge event at the Nürburgring. This was the culmination of a competition which has been on-going for a few months.

Ever since early June, the best of the best in Assetto Corsa Competizione have been competing for their place in Lamborghini The Real Race. A talented 23-driver grid emerged from numerous online challenges, qualifying races and some on-site time trials.

Over the past two months, a quartet of hot stint challenges in ACC have formed the 24-driver grids for four respective qualifying races. The top four in each race was given an invitation to this live final at the Nürburgring. These 16 drivers were joined by the four winners of on-site hot lap challenges at GT World Challenge events. A further trio of wildcards were invited by the Abu Dhabi Lamborghini dealership.

With such a stacked grid, anyone had a chance to win either of the two races taking place in the SRO Esports Arena. The grand prize of a full-time seat in the Lamborghini Esports team was up for grabs. Here is a recap of everything that went down in the Lamborghini Real Race European Finals at the Nürburgring.

Race 1 Roundup​

After a wet qualifying session for Race 1, it was Michael Romagnoli that took pole for the opening round. Maciej Malinowski would line up alongside him in second place, less than a tenth back. They would be followed to the green flag by Jansson, Miatto and Sobzyck, the top-five covered by just three tenths.

Lamborghini The Real Race Final 1 Quali Results.jpg

Qualifying results for the Lamborghini Real Race European final race 1. Image credit: Lamborghini Squadra Corse on Youtube

Much like qualifying, Race 1 would take place in wet conditions, which forced pole-sitter Romagnoli to make a mistake into turn 1. Running wide, he let much of the field through at the start. Further back, a tight field battling for position did make for a few offs on lap 1. However, the majority of the field made it through cleanly.

Lap 2 saw the opening exchanges of what would be a race-long fight for the lead between Malinowski and wildcard entry, Jansson. Meanwhile, it spelled disaster for Amos Laurito who suffered a pair of mid-field clashes dropping him to the back.

With the leading pair fighting, Adrea Miatto managed to close up making it a three-way battle for the lead. However, Carl Jansson was slowly losing pace, forcing the third-place runner to make a move. Halfway into the race and the 10 and 23 began trading blows, allowing Nikodem Sobczyk to catch up.

Lamborghini The Real Race Final 1 Race Results.jpg

Results for Race 1 of the 2023 Real Race final. Image credit: Lamborghini Squadra Corse on YouTube

The three would continue their battle for P2 until, with just a few minutes to go, Sobczyk would suffer an incident dropping him to sixth where he would go on to finish. Ultimately however, it was Maciej Malinowski that went on to win Race 1. Jansson held on to second with Miatto in third. Dario Iemmulo came fourth with William Pisano rounding out the top five.

Lamborghini The Real Race Finale​

Qualifying for Race 2 saw the sun return to the German circuit making for drastically different conditions. Michael Romagnoli showed himself to be a truly adaptable driver, fighting once again for pole. However, he could only manage second, lapping a tenth slower than pole-sitter Nikodem Sobczyk. Lomi, Iemmulo and Filippi rounded out the top five on the grid whilst those that excelled in he rain like Miatto and Pisano fell to the bottom of the top ten.

Lamborghini The Real Race Final 2 Quali Results.jpg

Qualifying results for The Real Race 2. Image credit: Lamborghini Squadra Corse on Youtube

The green flag flew under a setting sun as a the top three went three-wide into T1. This allowed Dario Iemmulo to get a cleaner run, making it to the lead from fourth through the Stadium section. Further down the field, very little contact made for a much cleaner opening lap.

However, that would all change on the first corner of lap 2, as Romagnoli had another moment at the hairpin. A three-wide send on the extreme inside by Malinowski led to himself and Romagnoli forming a pincer around Sobczyk. The trio dropped time to the leading Iemmulo, and lost a few positions. The stewards later deemed both Sobczyk and Malinowski to be at fault for the collision. The former received a five-second penalty whilst the latter had 10 seconds added to his time, ruining his championship chances.

Turn 1 would continue to create problems up and down the field with a number of incidents during the race. The largest accident of which was certainly a technical issue for Ruslan Khamidullin, who took out the number 6 car of Lomi.

At the front, it was nose-to-tail follow the leader running for much of the race. This allowed the intense mid-field battles to gain the spotlight. Miatto was seemingly alongside another car at every point of the race whilst Lomi was making moves following his early incident.

A brief push at the halfway point of the race saw Sobczyk look strong despite his penalty up behind the race leading Iemmulo. However, the latter soon picked up the pace and coped with the second place driver’s advances.

Towards the latter stages of the race, Romagnoli was looking to make up for his poor start in Race 1. Trying to make a podium position pass on Dührkop for the entire second half of the race, a late dive into T1 kicked off a multi-corner battle. Ultimately, Romagnoli would make his way through after a mistake by Dührkop. Despite being a pass for P4, Malinowski’s penalty would promote Romagnoli to the top three.

It was however a commanding Race 2 win for Dario Iemmulo. He was chased across the line by Sobczyk, who retained P2 despite a five-second penalty. Romagnoli, Dührkop and Malinowski completed the top five.

Lamborghini The Real Race European Winner​

Thanks to consistent top-five finishes and a race win, Dario Iemmulo was crowned the 2023 Lamborghini The Real Race European champion. As a reward for his efforts, he will now join the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Esports team as a factory driver for 2024.

Lamborghini The Real Race Europe Regional Final Winner Dario Iemmulo.jpg

Dario Iemmulo (middle) wins the 2023 Lamborghini The Real Race European Final. Image credit: Lamborhini Squadra Corse on Youtube

Maciej Malinowski finished the live final championship in a very close second with Nikodem Sobczyk rounding out the top three.

The European leg of the 2023 Lamborghini Real Race may now be over. However, both the American and Asian competitions are still ongoing. Similar live finals will take place online this September. Catch the American finals on 2 September and the Asian event on 6 September.

What did you make of the Lamborghini The Real Race European Regional Final? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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