Las Vegas EA Sports Event Kicks Off F1 23 Free to Play Weekend

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Throughout this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix, F1 23 will be available to play for free, with a major gaming event kicking off proceedings tonight, 15 November.

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For the first time since 1982, this weekend sees Formula One return to Las Vegas. With social media posts galore, banners seemingly covering most public buildings around the world and conversations focusing on the event, it seems the marketing budget for the race is truly immense.

Well, that publicity push has transferred to the gaming world. EA Sports announced this week that F1 23 will be available to play for free throughout the Las Vegas GP weekend. The event comes alongside a major price reduction. The whole thing begins tonight, 15 November, with a special kick-off event in the Las Vegas HyperX Arena. Here is all you need to know about F1 23 and its events during the Las Vegas weekend.

Play F1 23 for Free​

Yes, prior to the on-track activities getting going this weekend, every F1 fan will get to taste the new Vegas circuit. The Grand Prix venue features in F1 23 and will be a great opportunity for fans to learn the layout before sessions get going on Friday morning. Understanding a circuit can be of help to following a broadcast.

In fact, the game will be available to play for free on all platforms from 16 November (Steam: 6pm UTC) to 20 November (6pm UTC). PlayStation and Xbox races can head to the grid even earlier, with the free play period starting November 15 at 10pm UTC.

For those that do not yet own the game, the free play weekend will also see the game go on sale. Players will be able to get their hands on the title with a 60% price reduction. This is not the first time F1 23 has gone on sale at such a large rate. But it is certainly rare. Clearly then, EA is taking part in the push to hype up the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Vegas Showrun Event​

Kicking off celebrations, EA is also organising a major gaming event tonight, 15 November. Utilising the famous HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, an F1 23 event will see celebrities, racers and gamers all compete.

EA Sports Vegas Showrun Lineup.jpg

Fans of racing will recognise the Jamie Chadwick and of course Charles Leclerc. But other names such as American Football star Cameron Jordan and internet personality Yung Filly also fill the entry list.

If an evening of celebrities racing on F1 23 interests you, makes sure to tune in to the F1 YouTube channel tonight. The event livestream begins at 10pm CET, 9pm GMT, 4pm EST, 1pm PT.

Will you tune into the F1 Vegas Showrun event tonight? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Got F1 23 again. Previously I had issues with FFB not existing on my T300 so I refunded. With the latest Thrustmaster driver it is fixed. You might need to Alt+Tab once though.

Now graphics are pretty bad at 1080p. If you only have a 1080p screen, I suggest running it at 1440p with "virtual super resolution" or the Nvidia alternative. Also with TAA and max sharpening. Do not even think about FSR, it looks terrible. I also suggest installing ReShade to remove some of the yellowness. Lastly, volumetric fog looks bad and causes lots of ghosting. But you can turn it off in the config file in Documents (I also turned off motion blur and DoF).

Handling-wise I had a pretty good time. Certainly more predictable than 22.
After a couple of minutes playing I can't use my mouse or keyboard (out of the game, I know the game doesn't support it). Idk if this is a F1 23 or Steam VR issue. Anyone else having this?

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