Le Mans Ultimate’s HUD, UI and Glickenhaus Showcased In Fresh Gameplay

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Additional Le Mans Ultimate footage has been released, with gameplay showcasing the sim’s user interface and HUD in action for the first time.

Images: Motorsport Games/Studio 397

Following yesterday’s unveiling of the Cadillac V-Series.R and Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE, it is now time to hit the track with the latest Le Mans Ultimate gameplay.

Not only do we witness Sebring in action within a multi-class practice session, but this is also the first time we can see the user interface being used (outside of still images) and the HUD expected at launch.

Menus In Action​

When rFactor 2 Online – the ranked multiplayer system for the venerable simulator – launched last year, the segmented menu system looked noticeably different from the rest of the platform.

Le Mans Ultimate is seemingly a progenitor of those foundations, with a UI that looks nothing like Motorsport Games and Studio 397’s previous offerings.

Le Mans Ultimate Car Selection screen

The options such as track and car selection look to be in large, clear, blocks with the livery selection displayed through a three-quarter perspective car shot.

The latest footage shows a cursor navigating through the various options – while an improved driving experience with a gamepad has been touted, initially, you will not be able to navigate the menus with a controller.

At the top right, you can see both ‘DR’ (driver rating) and ‘SR’ (safety rating) scores, reflecting the ranked online system functional from the title’s release.

Le Mans Ultimate Race Weekend options

Conspicuously, only the surface-level menus are showcased, with items such as advanced options and car setup omitted so far.

The home screen highlights how bereft of modes LMU will be at launch, with just the simple race weekend (practice, qualifying and race) and ranked online initially available. But hey, this platform is now somewhat inoculated by the early access moniker.

Glickenhaus SCG 007 LMH​

Ticking off the last box in the Hypercar category for the embryonic roster is the Glickenhaus SCG 007. The LMH car was briefly spotted lining up at the back of a grid during last week’s early access reveal trailer, but now the non-hybrid entry has been fully showcased.

That means in-sim images of all aspects, front, rear and inside. Based on these depictions, it looks as accurate as the other LMH and LMDh representations shown, replete in its 2023 blue design.

Glickenhaus SCG 007 LMH interior Le Mans Ultimate

Glickenhaus SCG 007 LMH interior. Image: Le Mans Ultimate

The gameplay footage for this car isn’t direct capture, but rather genial rFactor 2 expert and esports competitor Michi Hoyer. You can see he locks the front right heading into Turn Two, immediately flagging a red tyre icon on-screen. Towards the end of the lap, power-on oversteer is prevalent.

Also visible is the functioning rear-view camera and the tyres working away through the front wing’s cut-outs.

To date, the engine sounds have been exemplary. The sim racing equivalent of the Pepsi Challenge, the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning Ferrari 499P sounds so lifelike it would be hard to spot the virtual version and the real-world version when played back-to-back.

The onboard footage of the V-Series.R is possibly a little less convincing, with FIA WEC clips sounding a tad more guttural than Le Mans Ultimate so far.

The HUD Exists!​

We were getting slightly worried there. Apart from a very basic on-screen rev and gear indicator at the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans preview event, the heads-up display has been absent.

Mercifully, this has now been ‘displayed’ with a sleek new design. Top left are the standings, top right lap time information and bottom right revs, temperatures, gears, fuel and energy meters.

In the lower-left corner looks to be a display that the driver can cycle through, showing relative timings in these clips, but with what looks to be repair, fuel and electricity icons among others.

Just above here is an on-screen track map, and note the option of a virtual rear mirror.

Le Mans Ultimate HUD

The main takeaway is perhaps that, like the main menus, this is something refreshing compared to the development team’s prior efforts.

Aside from in trailers, this is also the first time the spotter is heard during gameplay footage – voiced by motorsport commentator and competitor Piers Prior. He provides your lap time, but also seemingly updates about the session and items like tyre temperature.

Today’s footage also marks the first on-board video captured using a steering wheel input. Any definitive judgements about the performance of AI-powered rivals will be reserved for later this month.

Le Mans Ultimate Porsche leaves Sebring pitlane

Outside of the smaller details, the broadcast-style footage as the sun sets released on social media is atmospheric. A relief to see vehicles from the three categories mixing on track as opposed to just the single-car on-board clips released earlier in the year.

With just 11 days until the early access release, the deluge of information has been a welcome challenge to keep pace with. Now all that remains is for people outside of the responsible company to go hands-on…

What do you make of the recent Le Mans Ultimate gameplay? Let us know in the comments below, or discuss in the forum.
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I'm really curious to see how well AI blue flag behaviour is implemented, which would play a big role in multiclass single player gameplay.
Very true, perhaps notable here it's just a practice session and not a race scenario. I guess we'll find out in just over a week!
The menu only shows Race Weekend and Online... am I missing something? Is there no simple practice (outside of a full race weekend), time trial or single race? It this just for the initial Early Access?

Also, at a few corners during the lap the car is sliding (almost drifting, even) in a way that looks remarkably similar to AMS2. Fine for me, but I wonder if people will also claim this game to be arcade like they do with AMS2 because of this behavior.

Anyway, please be good. I'm definitely interested but also concerned due to MSG handling of their teams and releases.
Last edited:
The menu only shows Race Weekend and Online... am I missing something? Is there no simple practice (outside of a full race weekend), time trial or single race? It this just for the initial Early Access?
It looks like the practice and single races can be done through the Race Weekend menu

In the second screenshot of this post, you can see the Race Weekend menu and they have it setup to just be a practice session with no qualifying or race which is basically how you setup a standalone practice/test session in rF2. If the similarities between LMU and rF2 continue, you'll also be able to set it up to just be a race with no practice or qualifying in the same way
Looks promising, but....
But would expect a bit more people next to the road, being the most popular event of the year there and seeing the huge amount of campers next to the track.
And why there still is no 3d grass, looks so flat next to the track.
Writing a shader for it should not cost a lot in money/resources or model it in the old kunos/ams way. Works fine.
With a bit of proper lodding it wont bring the system down.
but gives so much more atmosphere, between the hard road and soft surfaces next to it.
Just my 3 cents...
I'm really curious to see how well AI blue flag behaviour is implemented, which would play a big role in multiclass single player gameplay.
RF2 does this alright most of the time since a long time. However, last time I checked, there was a terrible bug that would make any AI car stuck behind another when in its inlap. So a LMP1 would sit behind a GT for the entirety of its inlap, ruining any attempt of a long multi-class single player race.
I hope they have dealt with that.
It's a good no-nonsense promo video! Hopefully it's a really streamlined user experience with all the strengths of rF2 and some new ones. Sounds are promising. How it looks exactly, I will only really know I guess when VR is added...
This really could be a good shot in the arm for sim racing in 2024 and gaming in general. In the past few years so many games from this genre and many others have been nothing but let downs with a lot of hype. If this one could break the mold and be good with zero expectations I'd be more excited for a racer I had doubts about since at least ps2 days lol. We will see tho. I will probably buy it within the 1st month since steam has such generous refunding policies
So far it looks good. I am holding out hope that it drives well and AI is good. I am so looking forward to running thru traffic in GTP car and then learning how to deal with faster cars coming from behind in lower classes. REALLY hoping it does a good job. Fingers crossed!! Hopefully it can make up for the awful Forza mess. IF this is more toward classic studio 397 and not Motorsport games I think it will be good. Just pray it isn't the nascar game revisited.
Looks promising and I am very hopeful. I'm waiting until I hear how the physics are after launch

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