The team at Milestone have released the newest trailer for Monster Jam Showdown. From off-road gameplay to improved freestyle stadium presentation, the short trailer is another link in the chain to the game's release.

Image: Milestone

Just in Monster Jam​

Whilst sporting a slightly confusing title, the 'Just in Monster Jam' trailer takes viewers very much out of the Monster Jam stadiums and onto the off-roading trails and its jumps. New trucks and cinematics are present as always, as are what appear to be brief snippets of gameplay. At 30 seconds in length, the trailer is on the short side.

Freestyle is very briefly touched upon at the beginning of the trailer. Even in cinematic form, the quality of the overall presentation looks considerably better than the previous instalment. Time will tell if this is just camera trickery or a genuine improvement.


The gameplay segment is shown within the typical offroading modes that previous Monster Jam games seem to love to include. It shows off a split-screen mode and, very briefly, the collision physics.

Milestone state that "thanks to the boost, destructible objects, crazy track designs, and extreme weather conditions, players will experience immediate and unpredictable scenarios wherever they race" in Freestyle mode. The mode will feature stadiums "based on real venues" as well as "themed environments inspired by the American great outdoors."

Grave Digger.png

Heavy snow weather effects. Image: Milestone

These locations will also feature in the non-linear career mode called Showdown Tour that spans eight different game modes and "three original biomes recalling the wilds of Death Valley, Colorado, and Alaska", according to Milestone.

Something new to Monster Jam fans will be the weather options. the ability to race off-road in the rain and snow is shown off in detail here with cinematics.

Monster Jam Showdown will mark the debuts of ThunderROARus, Razin Kane, Big Kahuna, Lucas Stabilizer, Jester, Kraken, Shaker, Axe, JCB Digatron and Velociraptor to the truck roster. Showdown's release will also mark Brutus' first Monster Jam video game appearance since 2010's Monster Jam Path of Destruction.

El Toro Loco.png

El Toro Loco with famous steam effects. Image: Milestone

Monster Jam Showdown will land on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on August 29, 2024, with Early Access available from August 26, 2024.

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