More Wheel Compatibility: Asetek Invicta Quick Release to Launch in June

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Compatibility can be a tricky subject in sim racing: Not all wheels are compatible with every wheel base, limiting options depending on which wheel base is used. Asetek SimSports is trying to change this when it comes to its wheel bases via the Invicta Quick Release, which will launch this month.

Initially bursting onto the scene with pedal sets, the Danish manufacturer soon added three tiers of wheel bases to their portfolio, as well as offering a steering wheel in two specs. The company did not want to stop there, though, and at ADAC SimRacing Expo 2022, Asetek had wheels of different manufacturers on their wheel bases as a display at their booth.

With the new quick release, Asetek adds native support for wheels of 11 manufacturers, meaning that once the quick release is installed on their wheels, they will be fully usable with the wheel base, eliminating the need to separately connect them to a PC via a USB cable.

Invicta Quick Relase - Compatible Brands​

Gomez Sim Industries
Cube Controls
Ascher Racing
Bavarian SimTec
Delta Sim-Tech

Built-In Connector​

This works via a built-in connector: Once a wheel has the wheelside QR mounted, it is possible to connect its wire to the connector, which can either sit outside of the adapter or be put inside for a cleaner solution if the wheel's wire permits this. It is then ready to be mounted to one of Asetek's wheel bases. Other wheels are possible to mount as well as long as they fit the mounting pattern.

The quick release comes as a kit with three lengths of extensions (80 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm) to ensure flexibility regarding ergonomics. Not only will the kit be available to sim racers themselves, but also to wheel manufacturers so they can include it and pre-install it to their hardware, which may be done from the inside, as Asetek CEO Andre Eriksen showed using an Ascher Racing wheel as an example.

Asetek is manufacturing the quick release by themselves, explaining the delay of its launch - a bespoke machine had to be flown in from South Korea for the Danes to get started properly. The Invicta Quick Release is going to retail at 149,99€/149,99$, and if you are planning on equipping multiple wheels with the QR and order four of them, Asetek throws in a fifth for free. It will be available at the end of June 2023.

Your Thoughts​

What do you think of Asetek's new quick release? Is it a good step in the direction of opening up ecosystems? Let us know in the comments below!
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Now when's Simucube gonna put out something like this?
I wonder how Simucube would be able to implement something like this. They don't push power and data through their wheelbases. I am not trying to suggest something like this cannot be done. Just sitting here and thinking about it, a third-party slip ring system could be front mounted to a wheelbase and add universal USB pass through. All one would need is a short USB cable to connect a third-party wheel to a Krontec like quick release. The USB connection handles powering the wheel and connection to the PC through the slip ring kit. After that, making wheels compatible with this system would be as simple as buying a wheel side QR and bolting it to your wheel. I lack the real know how to make it happen, but if I were doing it, this would be what I'd intend to make.

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