Milestone have revealed the planned update schedule for their new MotoGP 21 racing title, with plenty of new and interesting content set to come to the game over the next two months.
  • May and June content and game updates revealed.
  • MotoE and Red Bull Rookies Cup set to be introduced.
Prolific game development studio Milestone have revealed the next batch of content and updates set to be brought to the new MotoGP racing simulation, with the Italian team commendably releasing a roadmap of planned updates for the game over the course of the next two months.

Having already shipped to pretty widespread approval from the bike racing game community, Milestone have committed to further expanding the gameplay experience within their latest offering, with plans in place to introduce two further categories of racing in the form of the frantic Red Bull Rookies Cup and the surprisingly impressive electric MotoE Series. Further to these two new content items, the next two months are also set to see the introduction of the new bike retreval feature, further updates to reflect the changes of the in progress new racing season, controller and camera adjustment options and a few other goodies, as listed in full below.

MotoGP 21 Roadmap.jpg

May: 1-14

  • Updating MotoGP™ Category: bikes model, liveries, suit and accessories
  • Adding Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup
  • Editable Camera Angle: players are able to personalize and create a camera angle that will perfectly suit their driving style

May: 15-31

  • Updating Moto3™ Category: bikes model, liveries, suit and accessories
  • Editable Controller’s settings: players are now able to personalize their experience, modifying options and input reactions of their controller.

June: 1-14

  • Updating Moto2™ Category: bikes model, liveries, suit and accessories
  • Adding Bike Retrieval in online multiplayer: the feature is now available even in online game modes.

June: 15-30​

  • Adding MotoE™ Category
  • Adding “Join in progress” in online multiplayer: with this update, players will now instantly joining qualifying sessions that are already started, instead of waiting as spectator
  • Adding Wet Suit: same as the reality, riders will use Wet Suit in case of raining sessions.
It is not yet known if this is list represents the start of the end of further development for MotoGP 21, however whatever decision Milestone eventually elect to choose, MotoGP 21 is already looking like being a formidable addition to the ever expanding portfolio of 2 wheel racing games under the Milestone Italy umbrella.
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