Motorland Aragón Comes to iRacing Soon

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After recently teasing the addition of Willow Springs International Motorsports Park, iRacing is set to expand its circuit roster with a European track as well: Motorland Aragón has been confirmed to join the sim soon.

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Located in the west of Spain, roughly three hours from Barcelona, Motorland Aragón was opened in 2009. The modern circuit is mostly known as a venue for motorcycle racing, but has played host to WTCR, ETCR and World Series V8 3.5 (formerly Formula Renault 3.5) races in the past. The European Le Mans Series is scheduled to hold its first-ever event at the track in August, and national F3 and F4 championships race there as well. According to iRacing's Twitter feed, the track will be available soo.

A 5.344 kilometer lap around the Grand Prix Circuit layout as shown below offers an interesting mix of corners that flow together well, elevation changes and a long back straight to set up overtaking maneuvers into the final hairpin. A faster, sweeping right-hander is used instead of the hairpin for motorcycle races, and three smaller layouts are available in addition to the two main ones. track map of Motorland Aragón.png

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Motorland Aragón is not among the well-known circuits of the car-based sim racing world and only featured officially in RaceRoom, where it was released in early 2020. As it used to be part of the MotoGP calendar from 2010 to 2022, the circuit can be found in the respective season's MotoGP games, plus in the official World SBK games. Superbikes have called Aragón home since 2010 as well and will hold round 10 of their 2023 championship there.

A Lap at Aragón​

Despite being a modern circuit, sprawling tarmac run-off areas are not the norm at Aragón, as its motorcylce racing ties might be the reason behind the numerous gravel traps alongside the circuit. To give you an idea of what the track is like, check out an onboard lap with Dutch touring car ace Tom Coronel in his 2022 Audi RS3 LMS TCR car.

Your Thoughts​

What do you think about iRacing's addition of Motorland Aragón? Have you raced there before? Let us know in the comments!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I use this track all the time when playing RRE... it's great, technical and fast.
Great technical track.
Raceroom also has the "fast version" without the chicane before the long straight but I wonder if this config is used in real life?
iRacing usually has all configurations, as it is called "Motorland" I wonder if there are maybe more than two here?

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