First seen at Gamescom 2023, MOZA Racing’s first truck sim wheel is now available.

For those who dabble in truck and farming simulators alongside sim racing, MOZA Racing has launched the TSW Truck Wheel to work with its existing direct drive wheel bases and Pit House software.

The 400mm diameter wheel has been designed to resemble something seen in a real-world truck, constructed using 4mm-thick aerospace-grade aluminium alloy wrapped in Microfiber Leather.

MOZA Racing TSW Truck Wheel

The buttons are markedly different from a racing wheel, 14 in total with customisable RGB backlighting. Speaking of lights, a row of 10 LEDs at the top acts as a rev counter.

They are joined by two thumbwheels with textured surfaces plus two ultra-thin joysticks that can function as D-pads.

With the continued popularity, on PC specifically, of titles such as Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, the TSW’s support for the existing MOZA Racing wheel bases aluminium quick release should allow drivers to switch from racing to hauling instantly.

MOZA Racing TSW Truck Wheel Software

It is also compatible with MOZA Racing’s universal hub kit to function on bases from different brands.

For those who would like the extra immersive step, there is a matching dedicated truck mount available, which allows the base and attached wheel to be set at between 0 to 75 degrees.

Therefore, a more realistic ‘flat’ positioning, analogous to a real-world machine when mounted to a desk or aluminium profile rig.

MOZA Racing TSW Truck Wheel and Stalks

Capping off the truck theme is a set of optional stalks. Sitting in between the wheel and the wheel base, this adds three levers for a total of 26 distinct signals. These are designed primarily for indicator, light and wiper use.

The MOZA Racing TSW Truck Wheel is available from today, 27th February 2024 with shipping that begins on 9th March 2024. It follows the SGP sequential shifter as a new product that expands the range and is priced at £299/€329, (excluding shipping). The clamp is an additional £39/€55.