MOZA's R3 Bundle: DD Revolution for Entry-Level Hardware?

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The sim racing hardware market is always evolving, and it seems MOZA Racing is everywhere when it comes to new products: The manufacturer has steadily increased its presence with new products since first appearing in 2021. With its recent unveiling of the R3 Bundle, it is also making is console debut - and looks to turn the entry level world on its head.

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What initially looked like a version of their R5 wheelbase turned out to be an all-new unit featuring 3.9 Nm of torque - a seemingly odd gap to try and fill. Anyone looking to grab a Direct Drive wheelbase would likely look for the added torque of the R5 or R9 bases if they are on PC, as neither of the two feature the R3's Xbox compatibility.

It is not quite clear how the compatibility works, but the standard ES Wheel that is almost identical to the Bundle's version being listed as not being Xbox-compatible implies that both the base and wheel need to be compatible for the hardware to work with the consoles. On PC, most of MOZA's other hardware is compatible with the R3 base, with just a few exceptions.

MOZA R3 Compatibility List.jpg

The point of the R3 Bundle is not to equal Fanatec's offerings of the CSL DD (Xbox) and GT DD (PlayStation), both of which feature 5 Nm of torque even in their lower-end versions, though. Instead, MOZA seems to be continuing the trend of Direct Drive ability trickling down the many levels of sim racing hardware.

Where DD was a super expensive high-end affair just a few years ago, it became much more affordable in recent years, starting with the CSL DD and furthered by MOZA's multiple alternatives, leading to Logitech and Thrustmaster eventually releasing DD bases themselves. The latter two are also the manufacturers most sim racers seem to have in mind when it comes to entry-level hardware.

Entry-Level Direct Drive​

The extremely competitive price point of $399.99 suggested by MOZA may be more expensive than Logitech's G923 or Thrustmaster's T150/TMX bundles, the difference in specs is enormous - the aformentioned sets are gear-driven (G923) or belt-driven (T150/TMX), and neither of them let users change wheel rims, at least not without third-party modifications.

The R3 should be a good starting point in the bang-for-your-buck department, and it might force other manufacturers to follow suit with more accessible DD bases - a Direct Drive revolution in the entry level of sorts. With the first Xbox-compatible MOZA base having been unveiled, we are now wondering how long it will be until the manufacturer presents a PlayStation-based equivalent.

Moza Racing 2024 Hardware Wheels Shifter.jpg

More New Hardware for 2024​

Among the reveal of the R3 Bundle were three more new pieces of hardware that are set to hit the market in 2024, including one rather obvious choice that somehow has not been picked up by other manufacturers yet: A truck wheel with 400 mm of diameter is coming up - granted, that is not necessarily every sim racer's thing, but the crossover between those who enjoy truck and racing sims is considerable.

The other two should be more interesting to sim racers. MOZA adds a sequential shifter to its lineup, and the formula-style wheel (pictured to the left above) looks like the cousin of the Bentley GT3 wheel by Fanatec that fans are still waiting for. The round centerpiece is even a functional display, too.

2024 should be exciting to look forward to when it comes to sim racing hardware, then. And not just for MOZA's upcoming equipment, but to see what other manufacturers come up with to respond and innovate. We cannot wait.

Your Thoughts​

What do you make of the R3 Bundle? Are you looking forward to the other products MOZA has unveiled? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


280 mm steering wheel is a toy!
)ts heavier a lot (+200 gr) 1.4 kg, compare to 1.2 kg, 300 mm Fanatec P1 V2
3.9 Nm vs 5 Nm wheel base also a huge difference
399 vs 399 same price

The Xbox compatibility i the only reason to buy a Moza R3 bundle

ps: That truck sw is amazing. Let other manunfacturers make their equivallents
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LOL ...entry level? The pedals alone are $400 (only price shown, and I'm too lazy to check the rest). I assume your first car was a Porsche Turbo, til you could afford something better.
I'm probably a couple of years away from being able to afford/justify upgrading my wheel (TS-XW), but I'm very interested in finding out more about that sequential shifter!! I'm a touring car guy and I've had to make do with paddle shifters for too long!! ;)

Moza's pricing did make me look at their DD wheels as you get a good looking bit of kit for not much more than Thrustmaster/Fanatec!
Although the Moza packages are a godsend for the PC simracing market, giving Logitech & Thrustmaster a much needed wake-up call (and hopefully price revision), it seems that consumers alike myself that want / need Playstation support as well as PC are being left out of competitive packages.

I really would like to upgrade from my G29 but the T-GT(2) is just too expensive for what it is (compared to DD) and Fanatec doesn't offer a decent price for PS compatible gear compared to their current Xbox package offer. Maybe it's Sony being the speedbump, but hopefully Moza can sort a licensing deal out because there's a massive gap in the market for their quality of gear for their prices within Sony's equally massive userbase.

But Kudos to them for what they're already achieving - a truly earth-shattering simracing solution in a largely dormant environment.
Damn that butterfly wheel is fugly as hell.

Why can't they just make wheels that look realistic like the Simagic GT4 wheel.
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hmmm i think for me the next option will be from t300 --> moza r9
Upgrade to R3 or R5 is not enough to spend the money ( I am someone who must take care for every € earned)
Damn that butterfly wheel is fugly as hell.

Why can't they just make wheels that look realistic like the Simagic GT4 wheel.
Too many modern wheels look like they belong in a TIE fighter, not a car. Perhaps for the F1 crowd they are appropriate, but not so for the average GT racer, especially if you enjoy vintage series.
This company is a big question mark to me, on face value they are offering the kind of features that we simracers have been wishing at a reasonable price point for a normal person. On face value they are upsetting the traditional manufacturers. I need them to keep a good track record for longer until I can loose my skepticism.

I need to see how long their products keep being supported with driver updates after the end of life of the products, they have to prove that their products are reliable, that there is no drama with their warranties, and if their wheels are going to keep being compatible with newer wheelbases in the future.

But for now, as far as I know at least at face value they are shaming the OG manufacturers by proving that it was possible to release competitive hardware at affordable prices for non lawyers. But I have been in enough similar rodeos before as to know that most of the times when something seems too good to be true it tends to turn out to be too good to be true. I wish to never have to be let down from them even though most probably they will.

pd: In 2023 I would expect no more pedal sets without a load cell brake. Come on, if I was capable of design and DIY my own load cell pedal with a 16bit HID controller made of off the shelf parts for less than 50€ then a manufacturer with the power of economies of scale can made the same with a better design for mere peanuts. People expect brake pressure modulation in 2023, not pedal travel modulation.
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Too many modern wheels look like they belong in a TIE fighter, not a car. Perhaps for the F1 crowd they are appropriate, but not so for the average GT racer, especially if you enjoy vintage series.
This one doesn't even look like it belongs in a tie fighter. Looks like it belongs in the ToyS'Rus

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