My iRacing Journey Continues: Watch The Next Chapter At The Daytona 24 Live!

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Ever since I started dipping my toes into iRacing, I have been writing about the experience in the "My iRacing Journey" series here on RaceDepartment, as well as on SimRacing Unlimited. After climbing through the license ranks, it is now time for the first endurance event of my iRacing career - the Daytona 24 is coming up this weekend, and you can watch how my team and I get on.

The first iRacing Special Event of the year is upon us: Just a week before the real race, the Daytona 24 is set to provide sim racers with an exciting challenge on the road course of the famous super speedway. So far, my iRacing career consisted of standard races the sim provides, but now, it is time for the first team event. This Saturday, I will be teaming up with SimRacing Unlimited driver Florian Bauer, as well as Lorenz Hörzing, Tim Rölleke and Arthur Cabral in a Mercedes-AMG GT3.

Practice for the race has been interesting already, especially when I moved on from a private testing session to a public one - figuring out the faster LMP2 traffic around the Florida circuit is going to be key, not every corner lends itself well to getting lapped. Getting acquainted with the famous bus stop sausage kerb has been rather interesting, too.

Earlier entries into my iRacing article series have received comments that asked if I would stream parts of my journey, which is exactly what I am going to do for the Daytona 24. Simply head on over to my Twitch channel to see how we are doing in the event - we are going to run in the Saturday time slot that starts at 12pm UTC. Even though there might be a lot of German chatter going on, do not be afraid to chat in English if you want to leave a message during the race.

Will I see any of you on track? Let us know in the comments if you are doing the Daytona 24 as well, what car you are using and how much you are looking forward to it!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


iRacing team events are super fun because the technology is so super easy to handle. Did my first team event this summer and the chap I did it together with and me were both new to it. We decided to set an evening aside to figure out how it all worked. Took us all of 10 minutes to figure out, the rest was spent just switching the Caddy back and forth and forth and back over and over again and having a nice chat on discord about family and stuff at the same time.
Looking forward to watching the stream....good luck!
Thank you! First stint is going to be at around 11.30pm, so it'll be a while. Hope we're gonna be in a good position by then!
I was actually invited to this race as well, would be my first iRacing endurance/team event. But iRacing have started to throw up errors for me, so had to pull out :(
Oh man, that sucks. Had my hardware get in the way in a 24 hour race in ACC before so I could not do the final stint - luckily, that didn't happen in the middle of one

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