Need for Speed Unbound | Visual Effects and Gameplay Footage

A week after the release of a trailer, Electronic Arts gives us a new short video about Need For Speed Unbound.

The theme of this new "drop", as these are called on the official website, is the street art styled visual effects, showing us a bit more about how these can be customized and how they fit during gameplay. We also got confirmation that while the player can elect to not install custom visual effects on their own cars, they will still remain on opponents vehicles, while the default stylized tyre smoke and taillight trails can't be "removed" (understand that realistic smoke effects with transparency don't exist in this game).


But the main theme of the drop seems like a diversion, as more interesting things can be spotted in this new video, from all the new gameplay footage introduced. While the physics appear unsurprisingly still obviously arcade, the attentive eye will spot some weight transfer movements and suspension bouncing. The car featured is obviously a special car with extreme modifications and performance, as the speeds reached and the chopped roof of the S14 Silvia indicate. Such a heavy visual transformation hints at the car being unique, and since it appears to be driven by different account names, we can expect it to be THE car, as previous information mentioned a stolen car being central to the story. Think Most Wanted's M3 GTR.


Look at HUD details between the different scenes, and you will be rewarded with additional hints at which direction the gameplay is taking. First, we can see there are two separate boost gauges on the bottom right: one is materialized by blue nitrous bottles, and is surrounded by another gauge, filling up in yellow and divided into 3 sections. Stunts like drifting fill up the yellow gauge, as text shows in the same color next to it, and it seems like more classic racing techniques could fill out the regular nitrous, as drafting appears in the same shade of blue filling the bottles. This supports further the theory that a Burnout style boost is layered on top of classic on demand nitrous. If the mechanic is taken straight away from Burnout games, that boost will be a one click action and will be stronger if you fill out the 3 bars before using it, and the camera shift into a wider FOV with speedlines falls in line with this.



In the top left part of the screen, the ranking overlay shows a sum of money next to the position, but only in some of the races, pretty much confirming the betting mechanic won't be systematic. Police cars get a health bar hovering over them, suggesting they could be disabled by crashing into them or using other strategies.


The last part of the video shows the player crashing into a bridge support, with the footage seemingly abruptly transitioning to the end screen. But going frame by frame, we can get a glimpse of another Burnout inspired featured: the crash cam. Time stops for a very brief moment when the car hits the horizontal pillar, the whole screen turns into a comic style panel before time resumes and shows the action from a different camera angle. This means crashing could be critical, especially when wanted or chased by law enforcement.

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Ayyy This is your boy Lil BabyRacer! Choose your effects to GeT NoTiCeD FoR TiK ToK ViEwZ LiTZzZZ!

To no one's surprised it's the tired old handling model from the past 4 or 5 games making a return again, but it's worse this time because it seems nitrous boost camera pans so far backwards now you can see into the past.

It looks uninspiring. Even the previous one looked better by miles.
Ok... after the first teaser I believed that the whole graphics would be stylized, as with Automodelista (from Capcom, not Reiza) and, because of that, assumed that would be a bad game with interesting visuals as, in this department, EA never failed with this franchise, being the gameplay and track design the main issues with practically all NFSs.

Now, after this video, I now that it will be the same manure gameplay as always, but with even worst visuals. Who is the moron inside EA that came with this idea of mixing realistic graphics with cartoon effects, and the people that agreed with that? Because it look like those smartphone apps that add "stickers" and "post effects" to pictures and videos and always looks like a low-IQ and young kid arts class work. Who is the criminal in charge that agreed with this? There isn't anyone in EA that had a basic sense of ridiculousness?
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Message to EA: if you want to do something sweet to please the "gamerz", apply some quick "HD polish" on Burnout 3, a solid online mode, and release it for like half the price of a normal game, success guaranteed. Thanks in advance, even though it will never happen ; )
Good god. Looking at the negative reception of this game in recent articles it seems that this particular community is not impressed, and even turned off to the point of being physically sickened.
Slowwwwww times in sim world I guess. Bro.
Sooo.. Choose your driving effects.. I guess people can buy driving effects in the MTX-shop ;) I knew it. Gaming has become.... you know...not for gamers anymore.

I don't know why you talk about microtransactions already, there's absolutely no hint at them so far, and sorry for not mentionning this already, but you can see in that trailer that driving effects are unlocked by accomplishing in-game objectives. And from recent NFS history, they haven't used MTX, the "worst" I'd expect is a paid DLC.
I don't know why you talk about microtransactions already, there's absolutely no hint at them so far, and sorry for not mentionning this already, but you can see in that trailer that driving effects are unlocked by accomplishing in-game objectives. And from recent NFS history, they haven't used MTX, the "worst" I'd expect is a paid DLC.

Maybe paid DLC disguised as MTX. Or a MTX-shop. I am certain of it. It feels a bit like Fortnite dances, and all that.
really loved it when I played one of the earlier versions with my son on his (I think)Nintendo gamecube. This looks the same plus interesting visual effects, don't know what all the negative vibes are about? It's a fun little game to play with a kid or buddies, nothing wrong with that in my book. Not going to buy it, though, kid is 25 and works in IT, sometimes we do a lap of F122 online in the evening, life changes.
I thought these effects were just ugly post effects added to the trailer for some (bad) style. They are really ingame.

Do really kids enjoy unlocking cartoony smoke effects??? Please raise your kids better, don't let them go the stupid way, and they'll get better games :D .

This game is nothing more than a simple mobile game to enjoy on the way to the office. Not for me but I can understand the concept, you can easily make screenshots and share them. The issue is that it is on pc and consoles and sold at a higher price than a mobile game.

At the end, players get what they want and it seems they Need for Sh... ;)
Like totally, bro!

..but still, I'm trying not to hate and maybe this will be a lot more fun than the cringy presentation suggests. I liked Heat, so maybe I will also choose my driving effects soon, who knows :D
This game isn't for me. I'm an old man now and have no interest in whatever the current cool thing is. Once you strip away all the bells an whistles I think what's left will be pretty dull and meaningless.

At this point I could say that about any game, it's really hard to maintain interest in them. I feel like there's often very little cross over between gaming and sim racing. I really hope the sim developers don't try these kind of tricks too.
screams console players sitting home smoking weed and talking about it in school when you unlock the "cuban gold chain yooooo... ya dig"?

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