New Sim in Development: PISTA Motorsport Celebrates Argentine Racing

PISTA Motorsport Formula 3 Metropolitana.jpg
Image credit: REG Simulations

South American motorsport tends to be somewhat overlooked in sim racing: Automobilista 2 shines some light on the mostly Brazilian Stock Car Pro series and its circuits, and the cars are also available in iRacing as official content. REG Simulations wants to change this: The Argentine developer announced that they are working on a standalone sim called PISTA Motorsport, which is going to focus on Argentina's racing scene.

The studio has created several cars and tracks for Assetto Corsa, but it wants to capture the domestic racing scene of its native country in its very own sim: Claimed to be "the first simulator made from scratch in the history of Latin America", PISTA Motorsport aims to bring the Latin American motorsports world closer to sim racers around the world.

Laser-Scanned Circuits​

Supposedly the result of learnings of the last five years, the project is in a relatively advanced state, according to REG's first Dev Log. Currently, work is ongoing on a Fiat Uno del Turismo Pista Clase 1, the Autódromo Municipal Juan Manuel Fangio in Rosario and a scratch-built version of the Autódromo Roberto Mouras in La Plata. For the track creation, the team relies on LIDAR data to achieve the desired accuracy. In other words: laser-scanned circuits - quite in-depth for a relatively small project.

PISTA Motorsport Fiat Uno.jpg

The Fiat Uno del Turismo Pista Clase 1 in PISTA Motorsport has already progressed quite a bit in development. Image credit: REG Simulations

While REG has confirmed that FMOD Studio would be used to handle the sim's sounds, the game engine itself has not been mentioned yet. The available screenshots look promising, however, even including puddles - the Dev Log promises "advanced technology" that allows for dynamic animation of the tracks and their surroundings like crowds, pit crews and more.

PISTA Motorsport Autodromo Rosario 1.jpg

PISTA Motorsport promises dynamic environments, including puddles that affect the handling in a realistic way. Image credit: REG Simulations

From Karting to the National Stage​

Gameplay-wise, PISTA Motorsport is going to focus on an in-depth career mode, taking sim racers from karting to the spotlight of Argentina's national championships. AI supported by machine learning is supposed to provide authentic behavior of opponents on track. The sim racing community is also supposed to become involved in development eventually, providing feedback and suggestions.

Popular Racing Series in Argentina​

  • Turismo de Carretera: Top-level stock car series in Argentina, dating back to 1937, making it the oldest racing series in the world that is still operational. Ex-F1 drivers Gastón Mazzacane (Minardi in 2000, Prost in 2001) and Norberto Fontana (Sauber in 1997) are on the grid for 2023.
  • TC2000: Touring car series featuring works entries of Chevrolet (Cruze), Honda (Civic) and Toyota (Corolla). Other cars include the Fiat Cronos, Renault Fluence and Citroen C4 X.
  • Top Race V6: Silhouette-style touring cars featuring approximately 390 HP and strict aero regulations to ensure parity among competitors.
  • Turismo Nacional: Touring car championship featuring two classes (1.6 and 2.0 liters of displacement), with vehicles only being allowed minor modifications from their road-going counterparts, resulting in highly-competitive races.
  • Turismo Pista: Similar to Turismo Nacional but cheaper to run. Features three classes, namely one for the Fiat Uno and one each for 1.4 and turbocharged 1.6 liters of displacement.
  • Fórmula Nacional Argentina: Small single seaters with a 2-liter engine. The series has been known as Formula Renault 2.0 Argentina in the past.
  • Formula 3 Metropolitana: Argentina's national F3 series, though cars (see header image) differ in specification compared to the FIA Formula 3 single seaters.

PISTA Motorsport sounds highly ambitious for a newcomer studio - which is something REG Simulations is quite aware of: "It is not an easy path givent hat everything we do is 100% from scratch, and we face large companies with years of experience and much more investment capital, but we believe that we are on the right path to put Argentina on the map" in sim racing. The sim's page in the Steam Store is already up, featuring the option to wishlist the title.

PISTA Motorsport Autodromo Rosario 3.jpg

The dawn before a bright future? PISTA Motorsport seems ambitious, but has an interesting concept. Image credit: REG Simulations

Your Thoughts​

What do you think of the concept of PISTA Motorsport? Could the ambitious project bring some interesting variety to the sim racing table in the future? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


It's good to have a new actor. Good luck to the team.

On the other hand, as far as the various animations are concerned, I have serious doubts when you see the poor quality of the animations from the major studios, or even the absence of ACC animations, even though they're listed on the official website...
That looks exciting, good luck to the team. The career mode is very interesting. If the game supports mods, just imagine the possibilities of custom careers! Wishlisted!
I know I will be in minority this time and I will be boo'ed, but another tarmac sim racer...? What this game is going to have which other similiar games dont have besides cars and tracks? Good luck to them obviously, but still, when we gonna have some proper RALLY sim this time, and not another 69th tarmac racer?
Interesting. I guess a very old rivalry, commonly seen in football, comes to simracing development :laugh:

Some things are not so interesting about it. I mean, racing Unos are cool, but I am not sure we need them in 3 different sims... (if you consider AMS 1 and 2 already featuring it).

On the other hand, I am curious to see what else can Argentine motorsport give us. I know they are crazily passionate, with fans supporting their favorite brands the same way they do with football teams. And some unique cars are probably a lot of fun, like the classic Turismo Carretera.

Turismo Nacional and Turismo Pista, if I got it right, is something I would like to see in AMS (1, 2, whichever) and maybe we will get it now.
Last edited:
What this game is going to have which other similiar games dont have besides cars and tracks?
Which is exactly what makes such a sim unique. Cool Argentina content that probably isn't featured in other games. The 2pez games in the past were a blast and I raced them online so often. Awesome memories.

when we gonna have some proper RALLY sim this time
Do you post we-need-more-rally-games comments under football and shooter game announcements as well? :)
So on the website it says it uses the same sound engine as assetto corsa but what about game engine in general? Is it self developed or is it unreal engine?
LIDAR doesn't necessarily mean they actually go there with measuring devices to my knowledge. The aerial surveys that have up to 0.5m height accuracy also uses LIDAR technology afaik. Since I cannot read Spanish, can anyone confirm if they specified which LIDAR data they are using?

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