OverTake Goes Brickyard: Join Our OT IndyCar 500 (km) In rF2 For Free

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Image: @Jimlaad43
It is race week for the Biggest Spectacle in Racing, so our Racing Club is hosting its own Indianapolis 500 event in rFactor 2. It is free to enter - live stream included! The green flag flies on Friday, May 24, at 19:20 UTC.

Eye-watering average speeds, slipstreaming battles, racing on a knife's edge - the Indianapolis 500 is one of the most thrilling races on the real motorsport calendar. The 108th running of the iconic event takes place this Sunday on May 26, so naturally, our Racing Club is excited for the event.

Using rFactor 2, we will be hosting our own Indy 500 - kilometers, that is. With a lap length of 4.023 kilometers, the distance of the OT IndyCar 500 (km) will be 125 laps, so slightly more than half the real distance of 200 laps. Using the official Dallara IR18 DLC, up to 33 drivers will be battling for victory at the Brickyard.

How To Enter?​

Taking part in the event is easy: Simply head to the event thread on the Racing Club forum, where you will find all the info you need, including a guide to the car and track by @Jimlaad43. To enter, reply to the thread that you would like to race - and your choice of milk should you win. You know, Indy 500 traditions. Be sure to check out the Racing Club rules before entering, too.

The best part: Unlike usual Racing Club events, the OT IndyCar 500 (km) are free to enter for any of our community members. You can even rock up to the grid in a custom livery to stand out during the official live stream when battling for position while trying to be the first to cross the yard of bricks that mark the finish line.

Are we going to see you on the OT IndyCar 500 (km) grid? Who are you rooting for in the real race? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


This will be my first time driving Indycars in rF2, will be very interesting!
Hope a lot of people from the community are joining in for this :)
Same here, curious to see how they stack up against other representations of the same car. Very much looking forward to going super fast (and hopefully not into a wall) :D

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