Porsche Offers Eye-Wateringly Expensive Limited Edition GT3 Cup Wheel

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Sim racing manufacturers building equipment to be used in real cars is not unheard of in 2023. The reverse path is much rarer though - and Porsche decided to go down that route with an exclusive sim racing version of the 911 GT3 Cup car's steering wheel. Spoiler: It will likely not make its way to the average sim racer's setup.

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An official Porsche product, the carbon-fiber based wheel is made "from the original 911 GT3 Cup steering wheel", according to the product listing in Porsche's web shop. This means that if you are going to mount the wheel to your rig, you get to enjoy the same feeling Porsche Cup drivers have when they climb into the bucket seats of their real cars.

The wheel comes with a spacer that "fits most common wheel bases", and the 12 buttons at the front (plus 2 at the back in addition to the shifter paddles) work via USB connection to your PC. The buttons are backlit, too, and can be activated by plugging them into a normal power outlet as well. Combined with the included stand, the 911 GT3 Cup can also serve as a decorative element of the motorsport connoisseur's home.

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Deep Pockets Required​

There is an enormous kicker, though: For one, the wheel is limited to just 150 units - but that does not mean that it will be sold out in no time. Its price will prevent that from happening, as the 911 GT3 Cup wheel will set you back a whopping 7,911€/£7,950/10,475$. Yes, that is the sound of our collective wallets screaming in agony at these numbers that you are hearing.

Of course, this wheel is not aimed at the average sim racer, but rather Porsche enthusiasts with deep pockets or "cup drivers or teams who want to improve their performance on the road." Of course, simulator work is becoming more and more important in real racing even for customer teams in lower-tier series, so some teams could grab one of the wheels to make their simulator as accurate as possible. Or just display them in a nice cabinet, showing off the backlit buttons.

Your Thoughts​

What is your take on manufacturers offering authentic equipment for sim racing rigs? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Nobody in their right mind will buy this, no matter how much money he has, for this price you can probably get a very good PC and sim-rig and probably you'll still have some money to spare. Porsche is just out of this world with those prices. Oh, and it looks like those cheap wheels that parents buy for their kids who wants to have a wheel.
I'm not sure why people are upset about this. It's not a mass- produced product.

Sim racing is becoming more popular, and with that, there will be different markets opening up for different levels of income. Nobody is cross-shopping these OEM level wheels with budget-friendly offerings.

It's like being upset about the newest Hypercar reveal. It's not meant for those of us driving a used Honda Civic, but it gets people excited and interested in driving.
Wow, they couldn't even be bothered to make the photos looking great. The stand looks like crap and while the wheel seems to be "original", I highly doubt that it's not a replica.
Over 7k, when you can get the true original M4 wheel for 1.3k.

I think you can get better looking replicas from custom shops, lol.

This one apparently costs about 5k and I'd definitely prefer that one, lol. They are the manufacturer of the real wheel...
It's like being upset about the newest Hypercar reveal. It's not meant for those of us driving a used Honda Civic, but it gets people excited and interested in driving.
I think part of it is how it presented with that lifeless stand, generell not really appealing look in general and the boring pictures that almost look like a render with bad settings.

It's like they aren't even trying to sell it. The pictures basically speak "Here, we know only rich idiots will buy it. We'll just throw it in here and be done with it"
Sure, I will take the one with less than 1/4 the functionality and absolutely no bells and whistles for 3 times the price.. I mean I am totally fine with this idea, but as someone pointed out, Fanatec did this for 5 times less money and that wheel literally has a lot more functionality.. This makes no sense, especially with this Porsche licensed Grid wheel that exists that several pro dirvers love and reviewers can basically only fault the price.. I am all for crazy - but this seems like someone in a board room having a laugh..
Screenshot at 2023-08-24 10-44-57.png
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"...you get to enjoy the same feeling Porsche Cup drivers have when they climb into the bucket seats of their real cars..."
In the meantime BMW M4 gt3 drivers get to enjoy the same feeling that Fanatec simracers feel
Don't forget to match it up with the "911 Porsche Exhaust" 2-channel speaker system for just over £9000.
Hello racing enthusiasts.

Attention spoiler.
You have to be very strong now.
A Porsche steering wheel doesn't make you faster.
You can only do that through practice, practice, practice or a lot of talent or both.

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