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The latest episode of the RaceDepartment podcast is out now on all major platforms, with discussion on the Thrustmaster T248, NASCAR 21, a new ACC car and more.

Paul and Dani are back behind their respective mics for another episode of the RaceDepartment podcast. There are some hot topics to cover in this podcast, including a new Thrustmaster wheel and the troubled release of NASCAR 21: Ignition. The guys also chat about the new car coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Paul and Dani (Davide will be back soon) offer some interesting takes on the new Thrustmaster T248, addressing the balance of a good entry to mid-level sim racing wheel feature set with price. The mostly plastic T248 has an impressive hybrid-drive system internally, which perhaps strikes that balance.

NASCAR 21: Ignition has the resume to be a great racing sim, but early reviews have not been kind. The guys discuss whether this title is a lost cause, or if bugs and shortcomings are to be expected from the early releases.

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Fantastic show as always. Your efforts in making this podcast are greatly appreciated and i hope you keep it going for a long time.
I started listening to your show before i started sim racing. It definitely nudged me toward this awesome hobby, and for that i say thank you!
I haven't heard Joseph or Mr. lego hair for awhile. I hope they pop back on the show sometime.

Cheers from texas!

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