RD Podcast S4 E8: Talking with Chris Haye

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We're back in the virtual studio, this time together with Chris Haye!

Chris was kind enough to indulge us (and especially Paul, who was feeling particularly chatty) for a good couple of hours, during which we covered a variety of topics. We learned when and how Chris fell in love with simracing, how he took his first steps on the YouTube scene, and then we moved on to the recent real driving experience Chris had at Donington in the EnduroKa racing series.

It was particularly interesting to hear about this small yet awesome endurance championship that combines practicality (we learn from Chris how much it costs, what you need and what requirements you have to meet in order to take part) and, most importantly, fun (being an endurance series races are fairly long, and thus driving time is quite a lot).

Chris was incredibly sweet to bear with us as we asked questions, to which he replied with blunt and refreshing honesty, and discussed with him about our mutual passion: motorsport, both virtual and real, and all its recent news.

Hopefully he'll be back for another round, if we didn't manage to scare him off!

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Thank you Chris, and to our dear listeners, please enjoy the episode!
If you haven't already, check also Chris' youtube channel out. Plenty of awesome content is waiting for you there.

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Project Gotham Racing (2?) was actually the 1st game I really played on a (cheapass) wheel (on OG XB). After it got stolen it was back to PC + gamepad :(

As soon as cars in games got a driver POV, I couldn't really go back. Even before that, bumper or hood cam mostly. For me it's mostly no VR no buy, but the more important rule is no good interior view, no buy (except for the something like Art of Rally or Snow/Mud runner).
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Records were broken, both in terms of longest podcast length and potty-mouthness levels :) and maybe in lowest Davide-talking-time per minute :confused:

Thanks for the long chat Chris, I learned a lot about the world of YouTube thanks to your insights, and I re-ignited my spark to get involved in some racing!
Just listened whilst out walking the dog. Chris is always engaging and makes great content. What happened to his own pod? That was a good series as well
Just listened whilst out walking the dog. Chris is always engaging and makes great content. What happened to his own pod? That was a good series as well
He and I spoke about it back in December, I think unreliable guests was at least one reason. With Chris making so much content already, having a pod on top means even more work. He can focus on his videos that way.

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