Chris Haye is at it again. Again being kicking us right in the nostalgia with his latest video. Our old mate rebuilds a Thrustmaster wheel from 1996 and uses it with modern sims.

Chris, I take my hat off to you mate, your approach to sim racing content is truly wonderful and the scene would be a weaker one without it. The time and effort that has gone into this latest video is nothing short of brilliant, I can't imagine many people taking this project on and that's just doing the beautiful cinematography, let alone the rebuild of a product old enough to have witnessed Micheal Schumacher's move to Ferrari.

I don't want to spoil this nine minute trip down memory lane but I just want to share my thoughts on a couple of parts in the video. The first being the surprising lack of gubbins (technical term) in the wheelbase. It just goes to show how far the industry has come and how lucky we are to have such incredible equipment at our disposal.

The second observation is seeing how there was some real innovation back then too. Again, don't want to spoil it so go ahead and watch the video but there are a couple of bit of engineering that made me smile and wouldn't be objectionable even today.

Once again, nice work Mr Haye and yeah, if you get that other sim working on your computer, expect a knock at the door from me, I need to play it again.