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It may not be at the level of real motorsport, but sim racing is expensive – especially once more hardware than a wheel and pedal set are desired. Most sim rigs are constantly evolving, and it is not rare for sim racers to come up with their own solutions. RaceDepartment wants to see the best of your creations.

For various accessories, there are essentially two options: Either buy them, often at a hefty price, or build them yourselves for a fraction of the cost. DIY projects in sim racing are nothing new, but seem to have it a new high ever since 3D printers have become more accessible outside of professional settings.

Button boxes, handbrakes, even wheels – there is seemingly no limit for what can be built by someone with tools, time and a lot of passion at their disposal. This means that there are innumerable great solutions to small problems, adjustments, or added features to rigs out there that might not get the spotlight they deserve.

Head to the Forums!​

We want to see them! Head over to the forums to share the best of your DIY sim racing hardware projects in this thread – and check out rigs past and present in it as well! Photos, videos and instructions are welcome, of course. Let us know the story behind your projects, how you set out to create them, and how they improve your life in the sim rig. The best ones will be featured in a future RaceDepartment article.
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