Sim Racing, Friends & Fun: MOZA R3 Bundle Community Launch Event Recap

For the first time ever, the OverTake office opened its doors to the community for the MOZA R3 Racing Bundle Community Launch event - and it was a spectacular day with brand-new hardware, friends and tons of fun.

MOZA Racing officially launched their R3 Racing Bundle on June 4 at the OverTake office in Cologne. Naturally, we wanted to have our community with us for such an event - and with us you were! As soon as the doors opened, the first sim racing enthusiasts stepped inside to check out the latest MOZA has to offer, as well as some of their other hardware.


The brand-new MOZA R3 Racing Bundle ready to try in EA Sports WRC at the OverTake office.

On five SimLab rigs powered by Corsair-built PCs, different hardware setups were available to try in iRacing, Le Mans Ultimate, Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, the Xbox version of EA Sports WRC, and EuroTruck Simulator 2 - MOZA TSW Truck Wheel included, of course. Aside from the R3 Bundle and TSW, we had the R9, R12 and R21 wheel bases ready to go, as well as the GS V2P GT, CS, and FSR Formula Wheels, plus the SR-P and SR-P Lite Pedals.

What was a great opportunity for sim racers to try hardware outside of the usual events, the Community Launch Event was also a first point of contact with sim racing for many others. Several of our office neighbors were curious to see what the crowds and cars parked right outside the entrance were about and decided to visit us as well.


The most common reaction to trying sim racing in a rig for the first time: "I did not think it would be this intense!" Seeing how many of those who had never tried racing games or were just casually familiar with the F1 games on a controller, for example, had enormous smiles on their faces when climbing out of the rigs was excellent. Who knows - maybe some of them will join us on OverTake soon!

On the other hand, it was great fun to discuss our favorite hobby in all its detail with those of you who are avid sim racers already. Many of you were surprised by how well the R3 wheel base felt for being such a small piece of kit, others were impressed by the high-end formula-style wheels MOZA has in its portfolio. And talking about racing experiences, both in sim and at real events, was enormous fun as well.


Some of you even arrived as soon as the doors opened and stayed right until closing time - a great indicator that you enjoyed your time, we hope! Some friendly competition surely helped as well, as several of you had multiple gos at LMU to record the highest race finish, or in WRC to top the stage time leaderboard.

Never mind the selection of snacks, plus drinks provided in part by Red Bull - both of which were enjoyed by you (and us, too!) throughout the day.

We are already looking forward to hosting more events of this kind for you to get some hands-on time with new products, hardware you might otherwise have a hard time finding to try for yourself, or just to chat about everything sim racing at length.

MOZA R3 Racing Bundle Community Launch Event Impressions​


Thank you to everyone who visited us for the event! We hope you enjoyed your time and hope to be able to invite you to the OverTake office again soon!

In the meantime, check out our R3 Bundle first impressions video and keep your eyes peeled for the full review to follow shortly.

Did you attend the MOZA R3 Racing Bundle Community Launch Event at our office? If so, let us know how you liked it in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


An excellent way to start in the world of Sim Racing. Moza has good options for growing the ecosystem. For those who have the Xbox console, this is a way to have all the good of a DD!

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