SimBin UK Closes Social Media Accounts

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SimBin UK, the developer behind the supposedly forthcoming GTR3 racing title, has closed their social media accounts.

In what may prove to be the last news we hear about GTR3, developer SimBin UK has pulled the source of the trickle of information we were getting about the upcoming title. The developer closed their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts Sunday.

GTR3 was first teased in January of 2017. It caught the attention of the sim racing world, as its predecessor GTR2 holds legendary status with many in the community. Our Paul Jeffery interviewed two members of the SimBin team the next month, and things were looking promising. SimBin even hoped to have the title in a playable state the same year.

Things seemed to only get worse from there. Over the succeeding years, information about the title became sporadic, and a few teaser images per year became standard. GT3 class cars seemed to be the sole focus of the title, and though the screenshots looked impressive, some began to question SimBin’s strategy of developing a GT3 title using the Unreal Engine given that Kunos Simulazioni had already established themselves in exactly that market with Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Although most in the sim racing community had since given up on GTR3 ever seeing the light of day, there was a faint hope that one day we’d open Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and see a new post from SimBin with a release date or at least some gameplay footage. But those information channels have now been closed, along with our collective hopes of a sequel to GTR2 in the immediate future.

Closing social media accounts doesn’t preclude GTR3 ever being made, of course, but given the unusually long and vague development process we’ve witnessed, it seems probable that this is the deathblow for SimBin UK’s GTR3 title.
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Slightly off-topic, but wasn't Race Room meant to be switching to the Unreal engine at some point, or did I dream it?

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