Simucube are dipping their toes into the steering wheel market in the form of their new product, the Tahko GT-21. If the Simucube wheelbases are anything to go by then the Tahko should be a rock solid product, but how good can their first attempt at steering wheel manufacturing be?

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I have been using the Tahko for just under a month at this point and I am happy to report that it has become my favourite steering wheel in my arsenal. There is nobody more surprised than me about that, the Tahko is big, and i'm not normally one for big wheels. Coming in at 320mm this is right on the limit of what I would normally consider but after a few weeks of use the size has grown on me. While I still think it's a bit bigger than what I would like it to be it's not too big that it's bothering me.

As I had hoped the Tahko is built extremely well, just like the Simucube wheelbases. The build quality is right up there with the very best in the industry, so yeah it seems like Simucube can produce steering wheels. Having spoken to the guys at Granite Devices (The parent company of Simucube) they are only focused on creating top end kit and it's evident in both the Takho and SC2 Pro.

If you're thinking of buying a Simucube wheelbase then the GT-21 steering wheel would be a good choice if you are only considering buying one wheel. It has all the functionality you would really need. However, if you are primarily driving formula cars, it does feel a bit odd having such a big wheel. But for GT, Rally, Historic and at a push LMP cars, it's perfectly fine. A good all-rounder.

Simucube Tahko 320mm.jpg

One thing I really wish this wheel had was the ability to modify the sifters. It's not that the shifters are bad, they're actually really good. But, This could be a brilliant rally wheel but with no option to add a push pull paddle it's quite limiting. The wheel has a lot of features though:
  • Two digital and adjustable magnetic paddles
  • 7–way switch (4 directions, rotary encoder, middle button)
  • Ten high-quality industrial-grade buttons
  • Rotary encoder
  • Wireless technology utilizing Simucube Wireless Wheel System
  • 320 mm. lightweight CNC-Finished steel flat GT-Rim with durable Suede fabric finish
  • Weight 2.1 kg.
So my gripe about it not being future proof for the expanding rally sim market can be forgiven. Lets just hope someone somewhere makes a proper rally wheel soon.

Simucube 2 Pro

Now onto the Simucube 2 Pro. I have been using this wheelbase for about two months now and it's quite simply brilliant. Like I say in the video, it's the best driving experience I have had from any wheelbase to date. But that's not the whole story. There is a lot that could be improved on the ease of use and supporting apps.

While the Simucube app has improved in recent months it's still not quite the experience a plug-and-play racer like me wants. After sending the video to Simucube they immediately responded with the news that they are actively working on improving the ease of for the app so I have my fingers crossed that they nail it.

If you are looking for the best driving experience out there then I think you would be hard pressed to find a better option. That said, simucube offer an Ultimate model which I can't even begin to imagine how they can improve on the Pro. Also there are other brands out there which I haven't tried so I can't say categorically that this is the best experience going. But it is surely up there.

One thought I had while testing the SC2 Pro was; if this wheelbase was a sim it would be rFactor2. When you get it working it's incredible. But you need to put a bit of time into it to get it just right.

Please give. the video a watch to hear more of my thoughts on both the Tahko and the SC2 Pro. And let us know what you think of the new wheel in the comments below.