Spotlight: Your DIY Hardware Projects

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With sim racing being a highly-subjective discipline when it comes to both software and hardware, it comes as no surprise that every rig looks different - sometimes in small ways, sometimes substantially. And sometimes, you just cannot get what you want or need from what is available for purchase - so a while ago, we asked you to show us your best DIY hardware projects. Now, it is time to shine the spotlight on them.

Small additions to your sim rig can make a lot of differences in some cases - whether that is a DIY handbrake or something like an extension to your wheel's steering column to achieve better monitor placement, they are always fascinating to see. For some, this is not enough, however - complete wheel builds or dashes including button boxes can elevate a setup to the next level and make it one of a kind.

What have RaceDepartment members come up with? We will show you on the follwowing pages. Be sure to let us know your favorite DIY project in the comments below!

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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I have a wind sim on the bike rig, but struggled to find 300km/h type turbines!
It’d probably blow the VR headset off, haha!

Thanks for the spotlight! Bike sim hardware needs it!
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For me doing DIY stuff typically ends in a loud buzzing sound accompanied by a bright flash of blue light, a large amount of smoke, and a smell that takes at least a week to get rid of.
Have you considered making the needed Calculations when it comes to electrical Circuits?
A friend and I created this dashboard for AC and ACC. It should be compatible with Simhub with some small tweaks too but I haven't played around with it yet.
Its based on a TM1638 board + Arduino Micro Pro combo. As foundation we're using an existing project thats available from GitHub.
We've added some more LEDs for tyre temperatures/pressures, added flag symbols and various other data.
Overall cost is about 40€ so really affordable
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DIY? i have some! my button box, inspired on the audi gt3. My TM1638 with a Cassete and some revs led with a power bank shell. My gear shifter with custom box.


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