Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: Release Delayed, Old-Gen Console Versions Scrapped

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Eleven years after the release of Test Drive Unlimited 2, fans are looking forward to the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: The latest entry in the TDU series was scheduled for a September 22nd release – but more patience is needed. The official Twitter account of the game announced that the release would be pushed back until 2023 – additionally, the planned versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are getting scrapped.

A long blog post on Steam explains the delay: Due to the size of Hong Kong Island and its 550 kilometers of streets which should be accessible in its entirety, an enormous amount of work is needed to create the environment. Developer KT Racing and publisher Nacon aim to create a “no-limits playground where the fun never ends” and wants to meet the expectations of the community, meaning they do not want to rush the game.

Like the release date, the originally planned versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are a victim of this approach as well. The blog post states “[…]with the aim of making the most of the technology in the latest consoles and maximizing the overall quality of the game, Nacon has decided to no longer develop Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” Users of the older console generation will not get the game as a result.

Additionally, a beta testing phase has been announced: The post promises that “the more impatient among you will get the chance to test the game long before it releases.” The beta phase aims to ensure a certain level of quality in the game as well. However, it is not yet known when the Closed Beta Phase might start.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming TDU and the delay? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @RaceDepartment!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Better a significant delay than an unplayable bug riddled mess that takes a years worth of patches before it just about scrapes into barely acceptable territory.
Users who still have old gen consoles are high so they will only lose out by losing customers. Glad them well as well. :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
If you think for a minute, you realize how this might actually be a good thing.
  • A delay means they realized it wasn't ready, and needed more time to polish & fix bugs. All for the better.
  • Scraping the old console means they now have more freedom to make the game engine simpler, lighter, without having to handle lower texture resolutions, LOD and so on.
    So hopefully more optimized for tomorrow's technology.
That was my 2cts.
Thank you for listening.
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Even if it sounds harsh, but this is the right decision.
You should let the old hardware be old at some point.
Like others, I also have a c64, amiga 500 and amiga 1200 and also an atari 2600 here.
Should the devs program hundreds of versions because of this?
Or offer graphics like the gforce 2 ti offers?
The progression and possibilities are simply greater with more modern hardware.
Otherwise we would all play the cooking simulator, office sim.
In addition, with this decision, a bug festival is at least a little less likely.

With this post I only give my own opinion. It is not my intention to defame,
insult or personally attack anyone.
I would say there is another reason.
They do not care about customers to deliver them a well made product (see Wrc crap titles).

They postponed the release of Tdu (from September) because they have to push first the "new and wonderful Wrc Generations" which is set to be released on October.
Thats why they need all their "resources".
So this was probably the reason to move Tdu to a later release.

Ive also wrote my opinion about WRC and Tdu will have probably the same fate.
Ive played the old Tdu´s a lot and liked it.
But meanwhile i do not trust to this devs and they proved that the deliver unfished games and do not care in any way about the bugs.
And i will do not touch Tdu and give them not even a Cent.
They had enough chances.
Considering that they never show one gameplay video in over 2 years since annuncement (just once cinematic trailer), or a car list, i think they didn't have even start to develop it.

Anyway fun fact, PS4/Xbox One has been abbandonend, but not Switch version.
Kylotonn reputation is awfull, they have ZERO chance to challenge Forza Horizon.
V rally 4 was only a Kylotonn rally game with V rally name, nothing closed to the original games.
I guess they will give up with this title, only the Crew 3 can survive.
Even Forza Horizon 3 destroys Kylotonn.
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Maybe the Isle of Man TT 1 and 2 were more or less ok.
But this two games profit that on this sector is no one with better games....
Basically all bike games are shitty as hell but TT is ok to have more or less fun.
Its far away form real good bike game but there is no other choice.

I think also that TDU will never reach the quality of FH franchise.
"NACON" (Bigben Group - 76,7%)... I pass this game, because am not in the mood to fund a totalitarian genocide regime
That's good news if finally games could be developed straight to "next gen" devices and not anymore for those ancient and crappy ones.
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As Charlatan Wonder said:
"1 delay is fine, 2 is worrying, 3 is a death sentence".
If they scrap old hardware and claim that the FREE INDEPENDANT HK ISLAND is gonna take extra work due to size i believe them.
Better a significant delay than an unplayable bug riddled mess that takes a years worth of patches before it just about scrapes into barely acceptable territory.
Or, more realistically these days, a significant delay and an unplayable bug riddled mess. ;)

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