Many of the longer term racing game fans here will likely be familiar with the mega cool Test Drive Unlimited series - well, now we have a new instalment coming - and here is the first trailer!

OK, it's called a trailer but unless I'm missing something I don't actually see any real gameplay footage contained within the short video, but what I'm sure you can all agree on is, what we do see is rather graphically impressive indeed.

Another nice noteworthy point is the sight of some impressive official brands within the trailer, with both Aston Martin and Range Rover having a significant presence in the new video, as is the indication that the new title will continue in the spirit of earlier franchise entries in that it looks set to be highly story driven - giving the game a more substantial gameplay experience that limiting the title to core driving missions.

At present, not much is known about the upcoming new game, aside from the fact console and PC versions of the title will be made available on launch, however it looks like we will have to contain waiting just a little longer before we find out exactly when that release date will be.