The Best Simracing Games for VR

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Virtual Reality is probably the most exciting piece of tech in simracing at the moment. More and more simracers are trying it out, but which are the best games to do so with? Here's our list of the best racing games in VR.

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Able to literally place a simracer behind the wheel of their dream car, virtual reality is an amazing tool. In fact, alongside Direct Drive wheels, it is probably the most exciting piece of hardware in the industry right now.

New VR headsets seemingly release every day, all offering different specifications designed to entice gamers. Last year, we listed the best headsets for simracing in different price ranges. From the plucky, entry-level Oculus models to the jaw-dropping price tag of the market topping bits of kit. This guide has everything you need to know about the screens some of us strap to our faces to go racing.

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Racing in VR compared to a traditional screen setup dramatically alters how one drives. Whilst many believe it to make you quicker, that is simply not the case for the majority of users. Sure, VR means you can easily spot apexes and judge distances to walls and other cars in a more effective way. But when it comes to car control, things get tough.

On a single screen, simracers get used to the visual signs of a rear end losing traction. However, you don't get the same point of view in VR meaning it's more difficult to hold a car on the limit. As a result, VR racers depend much more on force feedback to feel what the car is doing. The best VR games often have the best FFB.

You now know which headset to buy and how it will affect your driving. So it's probably about time you knew which games work the best in VR and which probably aren't worth attempting.

Here's our run down of the best racing games for VR. Click the button below to navigate to the next pages. As always feel free to add your favorite VR titles in the comments below.
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Have to agree, AMS2 is the VR-king. Also for easily adjustable high-res mirrors.
PC1 and PC2 should also be mentioned, speaking strictly VR immersion.
Especially PC1's well modelled classic Rouen-Les-Essartraced is a thrill in classic 60ies formula cars (though flaws in sim engine take a bit of a joy from it).
But also PC2 classic Le Mans raced in classic open cockpit sports cars, pouring down in puddles and lightning storm in the middle of the night, looking in the mirror being passed by prototype cars with another level of speed down Mulsanne Straight is a relief in VR (but again sim engine takes a bit of joy, though the DBR300/1 is some of the best content in PC2 IMO).

And don't forget Dirt Rally 2.0
Just playpen backyard 720° donut practicing, using handbake technique, looking over your shoulder is just such a cool immersion.

And when ACC is mentioned, AC should be mentioned far before that.
Especially if you switch off MSAA and add all the PP filters as SOL, Pure, RainFX, etc.
Have setup a sixties sports car championship series of Italian and American Bizzarrini 5300 GT's, 250LM's, Shelby Cobra Coupes and Shelby Mustangs at sixties Stardust, sixties Sebring, sixties Atlanta, sixties Siracusa, Gran Premio Napoli, sixties Monza ...and Abulzz' Targa such a joy making classic sports car racing alive in VR, with all the AC tools and mods added! The hand/finger mapping in fact works excellent for more car mods, and is really cool when first finetuned.

Aaaand...don't forget CrewChief's VR-plugins for AMS1 and GTR2.
Which opens for VR racing in my tons and tons of GTR2 mods and rF1 mods, including my private home made BTB tracks - really fun VR racing own work 5-10 year after creation, opening for further refinement, now with fresh eyes.
And standard AMS1 content is in fact almost on pair with AMS2, using the CC VR-plugin!

So I'd say personal pecking order for best VR experience, performance wise:
1: AMS2
2: Dirt Rally 2.0
3: AMS1 with CC VR-plugin
4: PC1
5: PC2
6: AC
7: iRacing
8: GTR2 with CC VR-plugin - some mods could put GTR2 VR higher on the list. VR racing PnG 1970 Alfa Romeo Junior WB against multi-class PnG's @ Montagna di Pietra or 1970s WSCs at 1970 Daytona RC endurance round the clock always make me wanna put GTR2 VR on top of the VR charts.
9: rFactor 2
10: rFactor (the original) through conversion with rFactorTool and raced in AMS1 with CC VR-plugin

And maybe I forgot EA/Codies F1 series - but really didn't try them out (maybe a single pit-out I think when aquiring my Quest 2), always forget these...dormant in my Steam barn for years now....
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Screw VR, can you show that wonderful foldable rig in action?
Rf2 as long as its daytime. I was not hugely impressed with AMS2 for me it significantly worse than Rf2 in performance/clarity and, like rf2, performance tanks at night.

Rf2 also has the big bonus that the menu is not in VR when in VR mode. Thank god for that.

ACC is crap as we all know but at night its on par with the others.
ACC in VR is excellent for demonstrating how damn good the AMS2 VR experience is.

Though I broke my OpenXR settings late last night and now VR won't launch at all. Guess instead of racing tonight I'll just be trying to fix whatever went wrong.

Still a ways to go.....
Grab some popcorn and watch the show when you ask that question.

What price range?
Hehe... Popcorn is ready mate!

Any really... I would probably get some used one and try it out first anyway as I've never used VR headset before. I'm currently racing on triple 1440p setup with 5800x3D and 4090 FE
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What VR headsets do you recommend?
Hehe... Popcorn is ready mate!

Any really... I would probably get some used one and try it out first anyway as I've never used VR headset before. I'm currently racing on triple 1440p setup with 5800x3D and 4090 FE
My 2 cents

The cheapest best solution in my opinion is a Oculus 2. (got one, don't recommend it really)

The best easy solution in my opinion with good quality visuals is the HP Reverb G2.

For a more complicated expensive and who the hell really knows what this company is selling solution with the best available hardware I have a feeling you will be directed to the Pimex headsets, Though after reading the "Is VR dead?' thread I am very happy with the G2.
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I was thinking about trying VR again. Tried the HP Reverb and the IPD was a no go. I found a different headset that covers the IPD I need. Anyone have any experience with Varjo Aero?
Any racing game that's properly setup for VR (ie. basically plug and play) is worthy of this list in my opinion. Therefore, I think RF2, GT7, R3E, AC, and PC2 should be included. Doesn't the newest F1 game (2022) also have native VR support?

For any one unaware, you can also get GTR2 and AMS1 working in VR quite easily thanks to a fantastic plugin. I'm guessing RF1, GTL, and Race 07 / Race Injection are also possible with some work, if not via the GTR2/AMS1 method then via VorpX.
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