The Crew Motorfest Racing to Steam 18 April

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After its September release on console and also on the Epic and Ubisoft stores, The Crew Motorfest will be coming to Steam with an April release date.

The Ubisoft open world driving game The Crew Motorfest will release on Steam on 18 April, after originally being on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect and Amazon Luna. Additionally, anyone can play the game free of charge for five hours before deciding if they want to purchase it.

If you are interested to know more about our thoughts on The Crew Motorfest and if a hardcore sim racer would want to jump into open world arcade-esque racing, we have plenty of videos you can check out.

Ubisoft has been steadily introducing their games to Steam as of recent, such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and The Division 2. The original The Crew was recently delisted from all online stores. With Steam being the most popular PC launcher, it is perhaps no surprise that Motorfest will be available on there soon.

What is Available?

With the game launching on Steam, there are multiple different versions one can purchase. With the 'Standard Edition' you get purely the base game, the 'Deluxe Edition' has the Fitted Ultimate Pack with it whilst the 'Gold Edition' features the Year 1 Pass. Finally, all of the content can be acquired with the 'Ultimate Edition'.

In the Fitted Ultimate Pack, there is the Honda Civic Type R and Porsche 718 Spyder Fitted Edition and in the Year 1 Pass, access to a bunch of cars released throughout the year including ones already released like the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

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The Steam page of The Crew Motorfest, with 18 April as its release date. Image credit: Steam
The game takes place in a scaled down version of O'ahu island in Hawaii, and as part of the titular Motorfest, you can compete in races catering to all kinds of car racing cultures. Collect plenty of vehicles such as cars, planes, boats and motorcycles. Master them all to become champion of the Motorfest.

To find the system requirements, here is the Steam page.

Will you be considering picking up The Crew Motorfest now it is on Steam? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below.
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The Crew franchise as a whole seems interesting at first until you research and find that you're not actually buying a game but a longterm subscription until they decide to shutdown the servers.

Until server-side games like these go away or they start releasing offline patches (even if they are huge), I'll happily miss out on the game.
I recently got a chance to try out the Crew Motorfest during the free trial weekend and I came away appreciating the game as a Forza Horizon style game for controllers only. Moreover, even though it wasn't hard to get my wheel functionally working in the game with force feedback, the feel of car control was poor at best. So, even though I could win races with the wheel, I decided to look through Ubisoft's forum to see if I was missing anything obvious in the setup department. And, what I came away with was the feeling that whenever wheel users asked for better support and a better handling model in the Ubisoft forums, they seemed to be overwhelmingly slammed by the controller crowd. It felt like I was seeing a controller vs steering wheel turf war.

Be that as it may, if this game had a better handling model (even if only equivalent to Wreckfest) and if the Crew Motorfest was a bit better optimized for steering wheel users, it would have been a definite purchase.

Long story short: this arcade game could easily have been a Forza killer if Ubisoft had actually taken the time to upgrade the handling model and/or adjust same for wheel users to enjoy upon release...along side their controller compatriots.
Due to a broken leg which has sadly stopped me sim racing I have over the last month been playing this and have really enjoyed it.

The previous ones in the series did have pedestrians though and this one doesn’t which is a shame, also there is hardly any traffic on the roads.

The races are super fun though and for an arcade racer it’s really good imo.

Also it looks absolutely fabulous on a big tv on ultra settings, one of the best looking racing games I’ve ever played in fact
I would love to try it but it won't even start on my Ryzen 9, 32gb ram and 2070ti.

Shoddy workmanship on the part of Ubisoft as my pc is more than capable
I would love to try it but it won't even start on my Ryzen 9, 32gb ram and 2070ti.

Shoddy workmanship on the part of Ubisoft as my pc is more than capable
If the game doesn't start up for you, that must be a different bug, as the system requirements are way lower than that.

Have the announced the shutdown date yet, or are they waiting for more people to give them money before they say when you can't access it any more?
Yeah, it'll be shut down in 2034.
The first The Crew is a much better game, the best driving feeling of the 3 games, and is going to be shut down. Why would I spend any cent on another Ubisoft game?

This company has the money to make an offline patch for The Crew. And new players of the series, with Motorfest, would be interested in playing the first game, I'm sure the patch would be fully financed by these new players.

It is absolute nonsense and disrespectful, just do not give your money to these people until they understand they have to respect their customers.

About Motorfest on Steam, I assume that, like other Ubisoft games, the Uplay launcher is loached when running the game, so there is no point of getting the game on Steam except laziness. And if laziness is your style, just use the GOG launcher which runs your games from any plateform.
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