The RaceDepartment Podcast Special Episode with A3DR!

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Our latest podcast about sim racing is out, this time featuring none other than one of the most prolific and experienced creators of in-game content for the original Assetto Corsa: A3DR!

Daniel was kind enough to sit in the virtual studio with Paul and myself, chatting for a couple hours, giving us some background on him, his history, the models he's created and the challenges of producing such work both professionally and recreationally. We also managed to squeeze in a bit of gossip (as Steve Carell would say: "I love it!"), and learned more about how Daniel moved from the hectic life of Buenos Aires to the countryside in Argentina and what he likes about his new life in one of the closest regions to Antarctica in the world.

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If you didn't know, we also published a lenghty interview with Daniel here on RD not too long ago, delving into some other interesting aspects of his work and personality that round out the Podcast episode.

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Awesome, great to hear another modding story. Been waiting to hear about Dan :)
The fact that you're from all around the globe adds an extra dimension!

Of course yet another round of applause for the NFS mods, Jason & you really made history there in the modding world. A well deserved first place in all time mods.

It was great to hear that you joined the beam NG team, i think their project is really great and promising, been messing with it for couple years now, and with your talent onboard, it's gonna take shape super nicely

All the best, and send us a postcard when you visit antartica :p

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