The Three New Cars Set For Gran Turismo 7’s February Update

The Three New Cars Set For Gran Turismo 7’s February Update RD.jpg
Set to arrive on the last day of the month, three more cars are on the way to Gran Turismo 7. Here is what to expect.

It has been a month since Gran Turismo 7’s last significant update, but now, series producer Kazunori Yamauchi has hinted at three new cars for the game – here is what we think you should expect.

“Update is coming this week,” reads the post to X by Yamauchi-san.

Alongside the new roster additions, we expect some further single-player content and maybe some quality-of-life changes – although that will all be confirmed later.

If the usual pattern is followed, next Wednesday (28th February 2024) will see the cars formally revealed alongside some details of extra race events. Then, on Thursday (20th February 2024), expect the full changelog with all the final details.

Ahead of this next update, there is also confirmation that Exhibition versions of the Gran Turismo World Series will return for in-game ‘special events’.

Instead of the usual plain darkened image, this time the silhouettes are within an 11-second video that also provides blink-and-you’ll-miss-out previews of said vehicles and the sound of some engines revving.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX​

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR FQ-360. Image, Mitsubishi UK
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR FQ-360. Image, Mitsubishi UK

A notable and significant omission from the current Gran Turismo 7 roster is the ‘CT9A’-platformed Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

The game already has the Evolution III – the same platform used for Evo I and Evo II – the Evolution IV, Evolution V, Evolution VI and Evolution X. But the period between 2001 and 2007 is completely missing.

Further rubbing salt into the wounds is the Subaru Impreza WRX STI from 2004, available in-game for Scooby fans.

That is set to change with the next game update, as we think the car at the top of the teaser resembles the bewinged three-box sedan.

Gran Turismo Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Gran Turismo 7 Teaser

If you pause the video at just the right time, you can read the number plate: “Evolution IX”.

The ‘Evo 9’ was produced between 2007 and early 2009, with 2-litre turbocharged engines, four-wheel-drive and an active centre differential with selectable modes.

As to the exact specification – various trim levels and tunes were available, with differences in standard equipment and driver assists – we’ll await the grand reveal next week.

Renault 4​

Renault 4 in Gran Turismo 7. Image, Renault UK
Renault 4. Image, Renault UK

One thing that the Gran Turismo series of driving games does not shy away from is slow, old, cars that were important to the progression of the motor car.

Think, Volkswagen Beetle or Fiat 500. Now think Renault 4.

When you think of small, economical, French cars you would be forgiven for thinking of the Citroën 2CV first of all. But the 4 was just as pivotal and staggeringly produced for over 35 years.

The version seen here is the five-door hatchback. Potent, it is not, and even without knowing the exact age of this variant, the biggest engine ever offered was a 1.1-litre, and gearboxes were only ever either three or four-speed manuals.

Over eight million were created as it helped to mobilise not just France, but most of Europe, Africa and South America.

Audi TT Mk2​

Audi MK2 TTS Convertible. Imagine this with a roof. Image, Audi UK
Audi MK2 TTS Convertible. Imagine this with a roof. Image, Audi UK

While this version of Ingolstadt’s curvaceous coupe may be quicker than the Renault 4, it is less significant, and certainly less sought-after than the Mitsubishi.

Consequently, this is perhaps the least exciting of the new vehicles heading to Gran Turismo 7 this month.

The Mk2 TT is not without its virtues, however. While its styling was a careful evolution of the more outlandish Mk2, it was based on a different platform and consequently could actually handle. The original was more of a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Again, which specific model variation will be included is not clear. This generation TT did offer a manual five-cylinder option as the TT RS – which we think is a low-key, future modern classic – however that particular version came with a fixed rear wing.

We can’t see that in this teaser, although develops Polyphony Digital can be sneaky. We’d guess then that this is the more vanilla, but still powerful, TTS with Quattro and a 2-litre turbocharged engine delivering 268 hp.

Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo​

Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT
Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT. Image: OverTake

Yes, this low slug barchetta was part of January’s game update. However, it was only available for those who purchased a matching real-world watch. We expect it to arrive in Brand Central this month, finally available to all players.

Gran Turismo 7 Update Expected Release Date​

We expect Gran Turismo 7’s next update to arrive on Thursday 29th February 2024.

We’ll be back with the full changelog next week. Let us know what you’d like to see in Gran Turismo 7 in the comments below.
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To say the mk1 TT didn't handle is perhaps doing a disservice to it given it's platform and era. I had one and although I would definitely say it wasn't 'sharp' it certainly had a decent level of grip. I had the quattro and once you'd got used to the initial understeer and feeling you heading for a bent rim, if you keep your foot in the rears eventually kick in and would pull it back square. You kind of had to take a leap of faith with it.

Never driven a MK2 but imagine it is a fair bit sharper given what I've read.
"Yes, this low slug barchetta was part of....."

Is this just a typo, or are you introducing irony into the review of GT7 now?
Still hope they drop a PC version at some point.
i am saying this since the early 2000s... :(
now here's hoping with the whole push to bring exclusives to PC years later that finally also Gran Turismo will be on the PC at some point. I might be wrong but it's currently the only big Sony exclusive that has not made its way to PC. Every other big PS series is on PC now: Last of Us, Spiderman, GoW, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn and the new one coming too etc.
Last edited:
That would be something exiting, a PC version of GT7 in VR. Yummy.
But is there really any hope, or is it just day dreaming?
That Renault 4 was my first car. ❤️
Mine too...and now I must buy ps5 and gt7..dammit...
'89 GTL... Started driving as 13 years old, enjoyed every ****ing second of it...even in winter time when going to catch school bus and effin windows would open because of bumpy rural road and you hold cold steering wheel with frozen fingers while your crotch gets tickled by wind from the hole at the bottom but that hole was awesome because it would drain all the water on rainy days...that car survived bombs exploding near, crashing head on with wide variety of animals (rabbit, fox, dog, cow, badger and the bloody herd of wild boars)...when driving 80 kph it was like 180 was stable as hell and you could put a truck in was one of the best fun cars ever made for people living in rural area...I miss that car often and when I see one driving on the street my heart clenches and my eyes get blurry.....:(

Also it was perfect car for dating....who knows knows

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