The Three New Cars Set For Gran Turismo 7’s Next Update

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Deciphering the murky silhouettes, here are the next three cars expected to arrive in Gran Turismo 7’s January 2024 update.

The last time a teaser like this happened was late October, but after over two months, new content is on the way to Gran Turismo 7.

Series producer Kazunori Yamauchi posted to X this morning, 20th January 2024, with his usual hints – this time showing three cars cloaked in darkness.

“Update is coming next week,” said Yamauchi-san.

Kazunori Yamauchi Gran Turismo 7 Update teaser, January 2024

In terms of new vehicles, this is significantly lighter than early November 2023’s Spec II update. That change dramatically increased the number of active players thanks to not only fresh metal but also the addition of Sophy 2.0 AI, the snowy Lake Louise circuit and extra licence tests.

We await news of gameplay changes or additional features for the next patch (new missions, please?), but ahead of then, here is what we think these vehicles are. You can let us know your theories in the comments below.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo​

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo
Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo. Image: RaceDepartment

Unveiled as a real-world scale model at December’s Barcelona World Series World Finals, this hypercar marks Genesis’ first foray into the Vision Gran Turismo scheme.

The designers of the luxury Korean manufacturer were given carte blanche to create a sports car that represented what they thought a hypothetical motorsport entry would look like.

Consequently, it is a monoposto with 1071hp and 986Ib-ft thanks to a hybrid powertrain that revs to 10,000rpm.

This particular car was confirmed at the reveal for a January game inclusion. It will be delivered for free to all those who took part in the in-game World Series campaign, for others, it will be available to purchase in Brand Central.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo interior
Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo interior. Image: Genesis

Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT​

Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT
Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT. Image: RaceDepartment

The Italian fashion brand Bulgari partnered with Gran Turismo 7 game developers Polyphony Digital to create a unique programme – yes, there’s the Vision Gran Turismo concept car for the game, but also a limited-edition Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition watch.

Fittingly, unlike the Alfa Romeo Arna, the relationship is logical: Bulgari made the watch, Polyphony created the car. Thank goodness.

During the announcement of its existence, like the Genesis also at the Barcelona event, RaceDepartment was told point blank that only those who purchase the watch receive access to the car.

Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition watch. Image: OverTake
However, presumably because that period of exclusivity has ended, now it would appear it will be available to all – we’ll find out for certain when the update arrives.

The car itself is open-air without a windscreen – aka ‘barchetta’ – and features interior gauges inspired by Bulgari’s watches. There’s an inline-four-cylinder engine that revs to just over 9,500rpm mounted in the middle sending power to the rear wheels. It outputs 394bhp and weighs exactly 1,000kg for 619.47 in-game PP.

Kazunori Yamauchi visiting Bulgari Manufacture Haute Horlogerie in Le Sentier, Switzerland
Kazunori Yamauchi visiting Bulgari Manufacture Haute Horlogerie in Le Sentier, Switzerland. Image: Bulgari

Suzuki Jimny, fourth generation​

Suzuki Jimny, fourth generation Gran Turismo 7 Image Suzuki UK
Suzuki Jimny, fourth generation set for Gran Turismo 7. Image: Suzuki UK

Two bonkers concept cars and… a compact body-on-frame Suzuki off-roader.

Okay, sure thing, Polyphony.

Quirky Japanese cars are the backbone of Gran Turismo’s appeal, however, this one seems like a little bit of a stretch. After all, this could be the most wayward Kei car yet.

That is, if it’s the Kei car version sold in Japan, with a 658cc turbo engine. In other markets, the Jimny is equipped with a naturally aspired 1.5-litre. Still, watch hilarity ensue, as people tune, slam and sticker up in-game.

When it was announced that a Toyota Alphard people carrier would be added, many scoffed, until they realised how much fun a modified example was to drive…

Of note, Sony Honda Mobility’s Afeela seems to be absent from this particular set of additions but is confirmed for inclusion later this year.

Gran Turismo 7 January Update Expected Release Date​

With the cryptic teaser published by Yamauchi-san on a weekend, the usual pattern now is for confirmation of the server downtime early next week, followed by the update landing early (CET) on the following Thursday. Our expectation, therefore, is Thursday 25th January 2024.

We’ll be back with the full changelog and car confirmation soon. For now, let us know what you’d like to see in Gran Turismo 7 in the comments below or discuss in our forum.
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Some people play GT to collect cars and I guess this a an update for them. The Jimny could actually be quite fun on the dirt stages and I want to tune up for some road racing for a giggle.

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