Three Weeks Until Release - What's Up With Le Mans Ultimate?

Le Mans Ultimate is set to release on February 20. Three weeks ahead of its launch, we still have not really seen much of the title – what’s up with LMU?

Image credit: Motorsport Games / Studio 397

Full dedication to the 2023 WEC season, including all cars and tracks – the prospect of Le Mans Ultimate was met with excitement from many sim racers. Admittedly, we cannot wait to get our hands on LMU ourselves here at RaceDepartment. The different design approaches for the Hypercar class alongside the outgoing GTE class are definitely something to look forward to. Make no mistake: We would love to see the upcoming WEC title be a great endurance simulator.

However, just three weeks ahead of the planned Le Mans Ultimate release, we have not really seen all that much of it. The most recent update gave us a preview of the Toyota GR010 Hybrid running at Portimão, although the video notably does not show any of the car’s interior.

Le Mans Ultimate Release: Some Content Still Not Shown​

The Toyota preview makes the Cadillac V-Series.R and the Glickenhaus SCG 007 LMH the only two prototypes we have not seen ahead of the Le Mans Ultimate release. There are more vehicles that are still unseen as of the time of writing this article. Three GTE competitors in the Corvette C8.R, the Porsche 911 RSR-19 and the Aston Martin Vantage AMR are still to be unveiled. Additionally, three tracks of the seven-race calendar are also still under wraps, those being Sebring, Fuji and Bahrain.

Meanwhile, the fact that the entry for VR support was removed from Le Mans Ultimate‘s Steam page puzzled the community. The entry was still there as of early November 2023, but has since disappeared without comment. The game engine, which is rooted in that of rFactor 2, definitely supports VR, as rF2 also features the functionality, so it is unlikely that it was scrapped for good – we hope.


A screenshot of LMU‘s Steam page as of November 9, 2023. Note the entry for VR support in the list to the right.

Meanwhile, with just three weeks until the release of Le Mans Ultimate, you would expect more promotion leading up to the big day. However, it is still relatively sporadic, with the Toyota preview being almost two weeks old at the time of writing this article. Of course, this could also just be a sign that work on the game itself is full steam ahead, with capacities bundled for this purpose rather than for PR.

Hardly Any Hands-On Experience​

We have reached out to Motorsport Games for more insight, but have not heard back as of yet. Thus far, the only playable version of LMU was presented at the 2023 Le Mans 24 Hours, at which Angus took a closer look for us. Of course, this was relatively early in development, seeing how the real 24 Hours took place in June.

Note that proper gameplay also has not been shown since, with one exception. As part of the presentation of the Ferrari 499P, the game’s YouTube channel showed an onboard lap around Monza, although without any HUD or other cars present.


The Ferrari 499P has seen extensive previews for LMU, including gameplay at Monza. Image credit: Motorsport Games / Studio 397

As a result, there are a few questions we and the community are wondering about ahead of the Le Mans Ultimate release. What is the state of the content that has not been shown yet? Will VR support be included after all? What features will be on board at launch?

Le Mans Ultimate Release: Patience Is Key​

Again, we want to reiterate that the OverTake/RaceDepartment team is indeed looking forward to Le Mans Ultimate and hope for it to turn out great. Studio 397 knows how to create a great driving experience, as they have shown in rFactor 2. A fully-licensed WEC sim based on that model would surely be something any sim racer should take a closer look at.

Of course, it is also very much possible that the news cycle for LMU kicks into overdrive just after we publish this article – which would also be good to see. But just as in endurance racing itself, patience is key ahead of the Le Mans Ultimate release.

What are your thoughts on the Le Mans Ultimate release? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I hope you guys will post a honest first review here. In todays Media it´s common practice first to hype everything, before the user has to find out himself, how good a given title really is .

I let myself be suprised because i do not wait for this game. Have enough to race. But maybe it will suprise me and becomes a new buy.
Game launches can be a tough and messy business with lots of different interests pushing in different directions. Possibly they are wanting more time but also (someone else!) wants to keep the release date. Perhaps there is no money or time for marketing or perhaps it is all going to plan. Whatever is going on more racing sims is 'more better' so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them.
  • Deleted member 197115

Or maybe they've learned from Kunos to not unnecessarily hype stuff and just release things when they are good and ready.
But my guts feeling it will be delayed, they can still push out some gutted Early Access on that date though.
As the resident sportscar racing fan on the OverTake/Racedepartment team, I will never lose hope for a good WEC game. Le Mans Ultimate felt decent at Le Mans as a driver's experience. But it will come down to those pesky rF2 bugs and how many relevant features are present (or god forbid missing)

Please be good!
  • Deleted member 197115

- We are losing money, nobody wants to buy our overpriced DLCs anymore
- Let's re-release DLC as a standalone game at full AAA price :p
From MSG's track record, everything surrounding the company right now and considering how few informations are disponible, I truly expect this game to be launched "not in the state the developers expected" i.e. unfinished.

My doubt is just.... how much? Nascar Ignition level? Thousands of "first day patches" again? Stupid tweets with "we're hearing the communinty feedback" coming over and over?

We'll know soon.

But despiste my absoltute hat# for MSG, I'm somehow looking foward for this title.

Good lucky S397, your guys will need.
I cannot believe all this negativity again. If Studio 397 can release this game, under difficult circumstances with the MSG situation, I can only support them. No problems spending €50-€60 on that. I had so much fun with rFactor 2 over all these years, that they have deserved quite some credit. Even if the game is released in an unfinished state.

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