Top-Down Arcade Racer with Pit Stops? Here Comes Formula Bwoah

Formula Bwoah Online, a new Top-Down arcade racer with a bunch of extra goodies, is soon coming to PC, iOS and Android. The Free-To-Play racing game, developed by indie game studio Harthlabs, aims for a release window of mid-late February.

While taking my usual stroll through the upcoming games section of Steam's store, I came across something that could be something of a hidden gem.

To be honest, Circuit Superstars gave me a bit of enjoyment while being just a time-gap filler. A nice little package for in-between. Formula Bwoah seems like the next evolution of that. Yet, it is completely Free-to-Play?

Formula Bwoah Online Features​

A bunch of exciting features are planned for the game. Features that might usually not appear in top-down racers.
  • Pit stops
  • Dynamic weather
  • Tyre strategy
  • Engine modes
Altogether, this racing game combines all of an arcade racer's controls with the strategic thinking involved in sim racing.

Free-to-Play with Crossplay? Where's the Catch?​

This package sounds very good and very customer friendly. However, the finances have to come from somewhere, right?

According to the Steam page, "some in-game items can be purchased for real money". Whether those items may give you a competitive edge, are additional content or are just for show is currently unknown. Let's hope the former will not come to pass.

Anyways, the game is currently planned to release mid-end February for PC via Steam, iOS and Android. Complete cross-play between those systems is planned.

Does this game look like something you might be interested in? Let us know in the comments down below!
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Motorsports and Maker-stuff enthusiast. Part time jack-of-all-trades. Owner of, a sim racing-related service provider and its racing community.


RD in terms of topdown racer´s i did not forgive you the wasted money yet i spend on your recommended - Rush Rally Origins. :sneaky:

However i like Art of Rally or Circuit Superstars and this one is free, so i`ll take a look.
so...did it release mid feb?


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Ohh, Pitstop relaunched?
I remember that from c64. Was awesome.
Even with an animated pit crew, refueling, different tire wear, individual races or world championships.
When Pitstop 2 came out, split screen made its debut. You could race against your buddy. The graphics are obviously better these days, but after all it's ancient.
I "bought" it in the schoolyard back then. Double tape deck was a must back then.
Yes, I'm a bit older

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