Tropical Rally Location Teased for Art of Rally

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A teaser shot was released to on Funselektor's Twitter account, giving the public their first look at a new location for art of rally.

One of the best indie racing titles in recent memory, art of rally, will be getting a new location in the future. A lone screenshot was shared via developer Funselektor's Twitter, and it shows a foggy tropical location.

No further details about the new location have been published yet, and a response from Funselektor on Twitter noted that the release timeline would "Not for a while, we need to make all the levels still, tested and get console patches sorted and ready".

The new location will join Finland, Sardinia, Japan, Norway, Germany, and Kenya locations already available in the title.

Art of rally has gained a reputation since its release in the fall of 2020 as being a fun and unique racing title. It fuses the simplicity of a hop-in-and-play racing game with vehicle physics that reward practice and careful attention to your car's inertia and tire placement. The game also offers a career mode that plays like an interactive tour of the major eras of rally through the past decades.

Art of rally is available now on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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I would rather have taken British rally and/or Monte. Hopefully those are coming too. But i think this is good also, all the others are ok exept Norway snow is too unforgiving. No snowbanks etc, there should be those, and when you hit your cars nose there, small boxy particles could fly. And more slippery! Locations also should have ditches on side of the roads. There could be plenty of other things too, but enough that, cannot affect so lets see what is coming.
I think this dev should be updating their plans to fix their broken game. Series X performance is unplayable like 6 months after release. Tried on PC and the game gives +5 second reset penalties 1-2 times per course when your tires don't even leave the road. I cannot understand how this game got as much positive feedback as it did. I want to like it, but it is busted, and has been busted for months on months.
I love everything about this game but I can never get used to the camera. Would be nice if they added a few more camera angle options tbh.

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