TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3 Out Now for Early Unlock

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Nacon’s latest representation of the Isle of Man TT race is now here. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 is available in early access to those that pre-ordered the Racing Fan Edition.

Image Credit: Nacon

Over the past few months, Raceward and Nacon have slowly been releasing information about their upcoming Isle of Man TT game. For fans of the infamous bike race, it’s good news. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 is now officially available to play.

It is currently only open to those that pre-ordered the Racing Fan Edition of the game. The rest of players will be anxiously awaiting Thursday 11 May. This is when the game releases to the rest of the world. Here’s all you need to know about the game on release day.

What’s New in Ride on the Edge 3?​

Whilst the franchise’s second iteration certainly caught fans’ eyes, this third release is a complete step up. After the previous title, development transitioned from Kylotonn to Raceward. This Milan-based team is responsible for none other than RiMS Racing, often dubbed the best bike game on the market.

Taking inspiration from RiMS, the new TT game is set to feature much more realistic handling physics. Throughout its teaser campaign, the developers were keen to point out the vast amount of work that has gone in to the title’s braking and cornering model. This, along with several new rider aids should allow for a more realistic and less frustrating experience compared to titles of old.

In fact, bike racers have always struggled to reach the same level of control as car racing games. However, when it comes to RiMS Racing, fans often praise the game’s much more responsive handling. This is certainly a good sign for TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3.

Elsewhere, a new mode dubbed Open Roads will allow players to freely explore much of the Isle of Man. An open world map encompassing the TT course and many service roads, those that have visited the island in the past should recognise many of the game’s streets. Throughout this free roam map, players will find challenges, races and events to take part in.

With both online and offline competition, this should keep racers busy until the real world TT. Riders like Lee Johnston and Davey Todd will head to the island when the event kicks off later this month.

Nacon and Raceward’s TT game is available to purchase for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X. The premium Racing Fan Edition will give you early access to the title and provide you with John McGuinness’ 100th race suit. But, a standard version is also available on all stores.

Are you excited to get your hands on TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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Motorsport gets my blood pumping more than anything else. Be it physical or virtual, I'm down to bang doors.


Downloaded during night, but yet havent had time to try it. Glad i'm first to comment, so i can disappoint me myself after today evening testing :roflmao:
I played the 2nd version. can't save in the middle of a race, can't watch computer racing without participating. There's no way to learn such a long track without the above 2 features
This is a definite wait until some reviews come in purchase. I have 1 and 2 but thought they were a poor representation of riding a bike.
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I tryed IOMTT3 yesterday, very good behavior and graphics but they switched the gear up and down button and I find it a pain in @ss to find out how the get it like IOMTT2. (Now ME: eats popcorn while waiting for RIDE 5 and MOTOGP 23)
Watched a few vids and i have mixed feels about it. Seems no DLSS but they still have some sharpening filter activated that i didnt see a setting to remove so even though it had TAA it looked aliased because it was so sharp. No FOV setting also made it look really tiny (the road) so i guess the best thing here is to have a big monitor/TV. Then maybe there was some kinks or the guy i watched didnt know what he was doing but it was supersport and you could ride around the island and do smaller races here and there and upgrade your bike etc. That was pretty cool but for some reason even though he had manual setup for shifting and all that he couldnt shift in those smaller races. Had to set the game to auto shift and then he could race. Just a weird thing.

I never saw bugs on the windshield either but maybe i didnt watch long enough. IIRC the first game had bugsplats which i enjoy. The more realism the better hehe. No DLSS these days though? And a sharpening filter you have no access to was weird. It looked too sharp and no way to tone it down. Trees looked aliased because of it even though he had TAA on. Maybe it was early access or something. We'll see. I really want a good bike game.

EDIT: yeah this is an arcade game and possibly early access. Full throttle realism mode and first gear = no wheelie or disaster. Split braking (separate read and front brakes) it seems the rear brake does absolutely nothing. Only front seemed to work. Slamming the front brake at full speed and turning left/right = no disaster. Just comfortable braking. I thought this was the next Isle of Man game. It had its issues but it looked better and had more adrenaline plus was more realistic regarding these things.
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Has anyone tried this Yamaha MS 1 controller?
View attachment 662591
Would be nice if they werent only left right steering but sitting on sort of a half dome so you could lean them down left right as well. That one looks like you can only turn it left/right which would feel kinda weird at high speeds. But i bet its better than a stinking gamepad.
Is this comes with ffb?
sadly no, but then again I don't think the games support ffb only rumble (if that's what you meant). But the pure physicality of having a proper brake (like load cells on high end pedal sets) and using your upper body to steer rather than a thumb is awesome. Took me a while but this is the best simming purchase I have ever made. It has literally opened up a whole new dimension with bike games. I couldn't really use onboard view (even with slow bikes) with a pad because it was too weird and my lap times were awful, now after just over one week I am blasting around Motegi on Millers Ducati in MGP 21 and I've got a gammy shoulder that is weak because of a trapped nerve

Caveat, it's not perfect mainly because the games are setup for joypads so a lot of settings need to tweaked to get the feel right. Also I never raced bikes just rode them and the last time I rode was 19 years ago, so getting the right hand from throttle to brake to throttle fast enough is a skill I need to master to get faster, but feathering the throttle to control wheel spin is so much easier with a proper twist grip.
whats the Brand and where you got this also important is t costly??
It's bespoke from a chap here called Doubledragon, he has a Youtube channel Not cheap, but almost all metal parts. Mine was £600, but he did me a good deal and the damper is still to be paid for. I know it's a lot for non FFB controller, but in comparison to a joypad it's light years better for realism, probably one of the very best sim related purchases I have ever made.
no wheel support...has anyone tryed x360ce to get wheel working?I haven't had time to test it myself

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