U-Turn: Dakar Desert Rally Will Now Continue To Receive ‘Some’ Support

U-Turn - Dakar Desert Rally Will Now Continue To Receive ‘Some’ Support RD.jpg
In an about-turn, Saber Porto will at least address some reported bugs following Dakar Desert Rally’s USA Tour DLC.

On the face of it, the cessation of support for Dakar Desert Rally was, how shall we say, unorthodox.

Why release a significant paid-for expansion and simultaneously stop support? There was a chance that the USA Tour map was the most optimised DLC of all time and did not require any further tweaks, but given the sometimes-rocky history of this title, unlikely.

This is 2024 when games are released across multiple platforms that all support patching and when there’s never been more community-to-developer communication channels. Thankfully, it seems now this decision has been reversed.

Dakar Desert Rally January 2024 Developer Statement

“Hello pilots, we hear you,” begins the statement posted to the game’s social media accounts.

“We greatly appreciate those of you who took the time and effort to submit reports to our support team, as they helped us to investigate some of the issues that came up with the USA Tour update last week,” it continues.

“We are looking into addressing some of the stability issues we are seeing, starting with a fix today for crashes experienced on the PS5 when loading into the Saudi Arabia map.

“We will share more information as we have it and thank you once again for your continued support for Dakar Desert Rally.”

Multiple users have reported frame-rate dips in the USA pack, which don’t appear as prevalent in the main Saudi Arabian area. It remains to be seen if these optimisation challenges will be dealt with, or whether the development team is purely looking at more severe issues such as game crashes.

Dakar Desert Rally USA Tour DLC Support 2024

Despite this U-turn, it certainly feels as if fundamental gameplay changes should not be expected henceforth.

“This is the end of a memorable journey for the team,” reads a statement on the game’s Steam page touting the DLC launch.

“We dedicated much of our time into delivering this content and fixes for the issues in Dakar Desert Rally with the hope of ending with a stable product that everyone can enjoy. Following this update, the Known Issues article on the Saber Support and game’s websites will be removed.”

It felt dunderheaded at the time – not that we know precisely why this was the case, or to besmirch the development team, but we think at least small quirks are expected when releasing new content across five platforms.

At the very least, we can’t help but feel hotfix support in the weeks after launch should have been factored in.

As we reported earlier this month, however, Studio and Game Director Paulo Gomes left Saber in September of 2023 to form his own company Paulo Games Production – potentially impacting the future of the title.

Do you think the power of the community helped to change Saber Interactive’s minds? Let us know in the comments below.
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Yeah, Im still not going to buy the game. Saber has shown its real face and they dont care about the fixes.

They only say it because it sounds good
Let me just repost what i said on an earlier DDR post. But also say that if they will only fix the crashing problems and not the other fundamental issues, then my stance is still the same:

Garbage, unplayable honestly with how terrible the UI is, playing in cockpit view you CANNOT SEE WHERE YOU GO for a few seconds when you hit a checkpoint. And the ear-bleeding beep noise is extremely loud and obnoxious, especially with how you often hit several dozens of them per event.

AI in professional mode is bunched up instead of having realistic distances, and they never fixed it.

DO NOT BUY even on a sale, or not unless they actually fix these glaring issues.
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Yeah, Im still not going to buy the game. Saber has shown its real face and they dont care about the fixes.

They only say it because it sounds good
You wont miss anything. I took a chance and uninstalled a few hours later. When i read about it i got so giggity and felt like a kid again. Day/night transitions, sun, rain, snow... Navigate over vast areas and going as fast as you can... It sounded so damn awesome.

And then i felt the physics and the behavior of the vehicles. Its indie. A lot to be desired. So much so that i couldnt commit to it. The intro to the game is basically a copy of Forza Horizon games and i thought to myself "if the handling as as in Forza Horizon then i will be very happy (arcade but its fun at least and the cars behave somewhat close to reality) but there is no chance it will...", and it didnt. Its stiff and kinda weird handling. Its a shame. I knew it wouldnt be simulation physics but Forza physics would have at least made it fun. I wish the had some more people with the know how. It could have been one beast of a fun racing game.

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