Ben Harrison from La Broca Sim Racing is back with more handy tips for those just getting into sim racing. This time Ben tackles the true explanation of blue flags and how they work. It's obvious right? Blue flag means get out of the way of the faster car approaching...well not always.

As you will come to learn with Ben's content, he is the first person to admit when he gets things wrong, and in his latest video in collaboration with RaceDepartment there are more than a couple of examples where Ben admits guilt. You see, Ben is still fairly new to sim racing and is still learning all the nuances of the various rules and regulations from all the various classes out there.

If you are a fair weather F1 fan (and there is nothing wrong with that by the way) you can be forgiven for only understanding the blue flag rules of the most popular motorsport series on the planet. But the fact is blue flag rules can change from series to series, club to club and i've even seen them change from race to race.

With that in mind Ben has taken it upon himself to explain the more common rules found in the likes of GT racing where it's not just a case of let the lapping car through. This is a video that I know will get shared among various leagues whenever the blue flag rules get brought up after a race. Hopefully this will help simmer debates down before they begin.

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