1. Joban

    Eazy Top Speed 0.1

    For Testing car's Topspeed or max speed achieved during on a track or in an online session, Minimalistic and easy to read. Note-Shows speed only in km/h ,will update later for mph Installation- Just drag and drop topspeed folder in content manager or in AC directory/apps/python. This is my...
  2. Hoozpekt

    F1 Miami GP 2.1 New Realistic AI Racing Line 2

    Competitive Ai racing line for Miami F1 2022 2.1 by Pyyer. Thanks to him and this beautiful track, I now made my own and included the other ai files untouched (, ect) in case you drop the whole folder) Just the Fast_Lane file is changed. Works great with multiple cars...
  3. Jimmi Allison

    Screenshot of the month

    We need a new background! Theme: Racing, nothing in particular - blow us away! Deadline: 19 may at 23:59 Prize: Winner receives a 3 month Premium upgrade Voting will be held in the week after 27-30 may and we are announcing the winner on 31st of May. Disclaimer: Image will be used on forum...
  4. Mick.00

    Haas 2023 livery for formula ultra 0.1

    Haas 2023 livery for formula ultra. number 27
  5. Mick.00

    Mclaren 2023 livery for Formula ultra 0.1

    Mclaren 2023 livery for Formula ultra. Lando Norris
  6. Mick.00

    Formula ultra 2024 livery part 1 0.1

    part 1 of f1 2024 livery for formula ultra by emomilol (aston martin and redbull livery are based on emomilol's 2023 livery)
  7. mouzerofficial

    St. Petersburg Street Circuit 1.1

    The 2024 St. Petersburg Grand Prix street circuit, built from the ground up for Assetto Corsa. Many long nights and a thoroughly annoyed Girlfriend later, this track has careful attention to detail to retain the fundamental elements of Bayshore drive, while keeping performance in mind. This...
  8. Racer_Eevee

    AC Ace 1960 Le Mans skin 1.00

    The Ac Ace that raced at Le Mans 1960 Results - DNF (Piston) link to the car
  9. Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting Shanghai

    Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting Shanghai

    Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting Shanghai Download track: Formula Student cars:https://www.ove...
  10. Assetto Corsa - Audi R8 LMS EVO - Mount Panorama

    Assetto Corsa - Audi R8 LMS EVO - Mount Panorama

    Assetto Corsa VR Gameplay with Custom Shaders Patch + Peter Boese Pure Track Credit : Team Reboot Car Credit : Bonny
  11. A

    Playboy Yati's NeckFX 1.0

    Personal "All-Purpose" NeckFX for everyone to try! - Made for single monitor setups Download and Extract the "Neck FX by Playboy Yati.ini" file and Save it at "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Custom Shaders Patch Presets\Loaded" Then Apply via the options...
  12. Slluxx

    Tracks Forza Horizon 4 Track Info

    Hey, I am not new here, but this is my first real post! I've decided to rebuild the Forza Horizon 4 Map in Assetto Corsa. It won't be a 1:1 replica because I don't have any heightmap data, and the scale will also not be perfect, but it will be good enough to have a lot of fun with some friends...
  13. LJT270


    Here is a rough livery made for a 24 hour race on ACC for our race team. Enjoy!
  14. Andreas Knöpke

    Nords: which car 1st & why!

    Simple as can be: Wots ya car of choice that u r gonna hit Nords wiv 1st and why? Shoot! :D
  15. R

    VRC Formula Alpha 2023 Visa Cash App RB VCARB01 Livery 1.3

    I proudly present to you my very first ever livery! Big shout out to: @eddy81 for the F1 2024(season) Drivers GlovesXSuits Pack @shadow118 for the pit crew Enjoy!
  16. Bangio95

    REG Kart A0TK Formula K 2024-03-04

    Skin kz Formula k for you!
  17. James Rice

    James' Better Filters for Content Manager 1.0

    James' Better Filters for Assetto Corsa allows you to search easily for your favourite cars. No fuss, no scrambling. Just open up Content Manager and start looking. Using Content Manager's custom category system, JBF allows you to add tags to cars based on the series they appear in, what spec of...
  18. M

    BruckellSpeed Racing Livery for Kunos' Ford GT40 0.8 It needs fixes

    A skin which based on a car brand with fictional sponsors for Assetto Corsa You can install easily: just drop the folder from .ZIP file to : C:\Program Files (X86)\Steam \Steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_ford_gt40\skins !!!!I HAVEN'T TEST WITH CONTENT MANAGER YET...
  19. Kevin Troschinski

    nivekBSs DRM BOP Project 0.33

    After the release of the latest patch for the DRM mod, it has become current again. Therefore I would like to share my BoP settings. These Project differ significantly from my previous projects. The aim here is not to make the vehicles have exactly the same performance, as their characteristics...
  20. T

    Mission Data Dash Remake[SimHub] 1.0.6-beta

    A Simhub dashboard for Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista 2, and more While browsing on Race Department I found this dashboard, it was made for iRacing so it didn't have full functionality for the sims I play. So I did what any sane sim racer would do who also had some...

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