alfa romeo

  1. abrimaal

    Alfa Romeo Giulia 1963 202403

    Adapted from GTR2 version by Speedster63 Added street skins. The file contains sounds, by Speedster63 too. Speedometer and other cockpit dial are not working. Rainscreen is disabled, because it always rains in the cockpit, even on sunny days. Classes are for AllTimer GrandTour: Race 1964 and...
  2. JawnKwan

    23 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 skins 2

    The original model was created by Smallblockhero and updated/edited by Gibbons. Enjoy! Note: You may have to delete older files to avoid conflicts.
  3. StarGamer

    Alfa Romeo 2023 F1 Livery for Formula Gold 1.1

    Hello guys! I made the Alfa Romeo F1 livery for the newly released and also free Authentic Simulation Formula Gold car. You can get it here. Many more skins will follow shortly, with the whole 2023 grid in work! (ignore the open DRS Flap in the pictures, just a visual bug that has already...
  4. JoostUbelsDesign

    Formula RSS 1970 - Alfa Romeo Racing - Custom Livery v1.1

    A custom, fantasy-ish livery for RaceSimStudio's Formula RSS 1970. Inspired by Alfa Romeo's prototypes of the era. Comes in 2 varients, a yellow-nosed number 33, and a white-nosed number 32, to emulate the differences in liveries within teams in endurance races of the time. I'm very new to...
  5. Pasta2000

    Alfa Romeo TZ2 - Reims 12h 1967 #58 (4K) 1.0

    One of the best looking cars of all time; the Alfa Romeo TZ2! With 12 of these ever built, it sure is a rare car even back in the 60s. Most were ran by Autodelta, and were sold after 1966 to fund Autodelta's next project. One chassis (750116) went to Belgian racing team Van Der Straten (VDS)...
  6. JawnKwan

    10 Sixties Surfers' Paradise Skins 1

    Ten skins for the following models: Alfa Romeo TZ2 - by Smallblockhero & Gibbons Ferrari 250 LM - by Team WSC Legends Ferrari 275 GTB C - by Velo & Tim Leighton Ferrari 330 P4 Spyder - by KS & Team WSC Legends Ford GT40 Mk1 - by HSS & Team WSC Legends Lola T70 Mk3 GT - by Team WSC Legends alfa...
  7. Valexdrift

    Alfa Romeo Sauber C37 (LP_GTM_GT3 ) 0.9

    Since 2023 is the last year of the partnership between AlfaRomeo and Sauber, i wanted to create some skins for the lp_gtm_gt3 inspired by the f1 team liveries, this one is the first, inspired by the C37 driven by ericsson and leclerc
  8. smol_cubes

    Ferrari F10 Alfa Romeo C43 livery V1

    Yet another modern livery made for a clas sic car, this one is an Alfa Romeo livery made for the Ferrari F10. mostly based on the 2023 C43 livery, with a lot of the same sponsors. Comes with both manual install and copy + paste install versions as usual.
  9. hminh

    Alfa Romeo Las Vegas 2023 Special Livery 1.0

    Alfa Romeo Las Vegas 2023 Special Livery (this mod is not 100% accurate due to the game limitations ) CONTENTS: - Livery (2023 Alfa Romeo Chassis) - Wheel cover - Driver numbers (Zhou, Bottas) if you want your own number then send me a message and I will make it for you KNOWN ISSUES: -The...
  10. GLXFX

    Alfa Romeo Las Vegas livery 1.0

    This mod changes Alfa Romeo livery to their Las Vegas special edition consider joining my patreon for exclusive content IMPORTANT: -This mod only changes the livery for now, race suits might be added later -I did this livery in a rush and did not put a lot of effort into it, some logos are...
  11. JawnKwan

    56 Sixties Spa Skins 1

    Fifty six skins for the following models: Alfa Romeo TZ1 - by BrianB Alpine A210 - by NPanic & converted by MrLonguinha & modified by Neil Bainbridge Bizzarrini GT 5300 Corsa - by Velo & AC Legends Ferrari 250 GTO - by Kunos Ferrari 250 GTO 64 - by Legion & AC Legends Ferrari 250 LM - by GADU...
  12. Sylana

    Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Corse DTM #5 and #55 LP GTM GT3 1.0

    New livery, who dis? This time I did a fictional DTM 2023 livery inspired by the Alfa 155 Ti V6 DTM for the LP GTM GT3 made by LP Design You can get the mod here: LP GTM GT3 by LP Design Installation: Just drag it into the AC root folder Note: CSP needed You need to install the ACSPRH V1 mod...
  13. whoops

    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Tony Kart Racing 0.1

    Tony Kart themed Alfa 155 V6 TI, fictional car that hopefully some of you might like. For some reason you will find the team folder in a folder of the same name?? Anyway please enjoy.
  14. GLXFX

    Haas Alfa Romeo F1 Team 2026 1.0

    This mod changes the Haas MoneyGram F1 Team to Haas Alfa Romeo F1 Team consider joining my patreon for exclusive content and following me on Instagram This mod only changes this for now: -Car Livery -RaceSuits -DriverSuit Photos How to install? Copy&Paste the file to paks folder in...
  15. A lap with Callum Ilott | F1 2021 cars at Motorland Aragon | #assettocorsa

    A lap with Callum Ilott | F1 2021 cars at Motorland Aragon | #assettocorsa

    Go onboard with Alfa Romeo test driver Callum Ilott for a lap around Motorland Aragon during the first practice session.If you enjoyed the video and this is ...
  16. whoops

    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ball Jeans Autosport 0.1

    As promised more skins for the DTM cars, this is the first for Alfa 155 V6. It's a fictional team using Ball Jeans as the primary sponsor. Once unzipped take the BallJeans_55 file out of the whoopswheels folder and drop it into your "ks_alfa_romeo_155_v6"
  17. nolpe132

    Alfa Romeo Monza Livery 1.2

    Alfa Romeo Italy Monza Livery Alfa Romeo revealed a stunning special livery for Monza. I loved it so much, that I just had to make it. Details - Realistic Driver Numbers - Golden logos & details - Golden Wheels What does this mod include? - Alfa Romeo Monza Livery - Driver Suits - Driver...
  18. GLXFX

    Alfa Romeo Monza livery 1.1

    This mod changes Alfa Romeo to the Monza special edition livery How to install? Copy&Paste the file to paks folder in your F1 Manager 23 game folder (F1Manager2023\F1Manager23\Content\Paks) PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD MY MODS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
  19. Tom Designs

    2023 Alfa Romeo Veloce | Fantasy Team Package 1.1

    The partnership between Alfa Romeo and Veloce is not new for who follows F1 Esports. But now the ambitions are higher: taking the relationship to a new level. You can now also drive the team in the shape of the Dallara F2/18 (replacing the 2022 ART). Make sure to like and rate the...
  20. bluestilldie00

    Alfa Romeo | Twitch v1.0

    Made for WorkTheSpace's Twitch streams, this mod replaces the livery and driversuits for Alfa Romeo with Twitch branding instead of KICK How to Install: Copy and Paste 'pakchunk2-AlfaRomeoTwitch_P.pak' to "steamapps\common\F1 Manager 2023\F1Manager23\Content\Paks"

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