1. perorocino

    Jaguar XKR GT2 Pack ALMS 2009/2010 (ts_jaguar_xkr_gt2) 2

    Thanks to @morizottom for inviting me to this project. And together with @MaxStdtDesigns for putting together this car . With the released Le Mans 2010 skin, i made a pack with the rest of the skins the Jaguar Ran beetween 09 /10. Car : ts_jaguar_xkr_gt2 Recently released on TOMSIM Discord Link...
  2. Humble_Silverfox

    [Fictional] 2004 ALMS Arasaka Motorsport Lamborghini Murcielago 1.0

    ON TODAY'S ADDITION OF ASSETTO CORSA MOTORSPORT FANFICTION: Arasaka Corporation takes on American Le Mans Series with a stunning Lamborghini As Saburo Arasaka's corporation astoundingly wealthy, it started diversifying, opening new ventures and divisions. Seeing opportunities in establishing a...
  3. MaxStdtDesigns

    Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Pack | 2007 & 2008 (ALMS, LMS & LM24h) 1.0

    Hey guys! Started these about a month a go. Took a lot of work and time, every body line, every rivet is either hand painted or hand placed, otherwise it would have looked like a giant piece of carbon. Also, for example the fendercovers where badly mapped, remapped them and I also added...
  4. Adrien Vowles

    Nielsen Racing - ALMS 2024 1.0

    Nielsen Racing - ALMS 2024 This is the Nielsen Racing LMP2's of the 2024 season of ALMS. It was supposed to be the ELMS skins too but from what i heard and saw, they're changing their livery for ELMS... (am already workin on it) You can get the car here : URD Loire 07 2021 You will need...
  5. DavidDGA

    2003 Ferrari 550 GT1 - Prodrive 1.0

    Here are Prodrive contendants for 2003 American Le Mans Series. These Ferrari whre strong rivals for the GTS category, being the C5-R their direct rival. Corvette Racing were dominant until round 6, where Prodrive started winning all rounds. This wasn't enough and got second overall, 4 points...
  6. perorocino

    AO RACING ELMS/ALMS 2024 SPIKE LMP2 Dragon #99 LOIRE 07 (possible entries) 1.0

    I don't think they will run with spike in ELMS since they Run with TF sport and the car will be black and green and the ALMS entry is sponsored by Orleen so i don't think they will run this skin nevertheless Here they are ELMS and ALMS versions of the AO Racing Spike Separated from the Real Imsa...
  7. DD SimDesign

    ALMS 2008 | Bell Motorsports | RSS Adonis D9 GT V12 1.0

    Presenting the DBR's ran in the 2008 season of ALMS. Often forgotten, this was Aston Martin's last season in the series following the ALMS migration to GT2. The car was ran by Bell Motorsports, rather than under the usual factory team guise (similar to 2007 with Team Modena). The pack includes...
  8. Neko Taisen

    Taisen Performance's Corvette C5R Sound mod 1.0 fix

    *WARNING* I may accept sound comission with pleasure only if the sound asked for has enough good quality references, and due to the amount of work and energy needed for it, a little donation at the height of your capacity will be claimed. BUT, I'm not a magician. Here is a new sound mod for the...
  9. GutBomb

    Washington DC RFK Stadium Circuit 1.2

    This track was built in the parking lot of RFK Stadium in Washington DC for the 2002 ALMS Grand Prix of Washington DC and never used again. I watched a youtube video about it and wanted to drive it. Since it didn't look like there were any mods around I went ahead and made one myself. Feel...
  10. bulleraser

    Ferrari 550 Prodrive #88 - 2001 ALMS Petit Le Mans 1.0

    Prodrive Allstars Ferrari 550 #88 made an appearance at the 2001 Petit Le Mans in GTS class but was retired from the race. This skin is for RSS GT Ferruccio 55 V12. Thanks to @ClydeYellow for the tyres.
  11. blaze2681

    Inter Europol Competition - Lamborghini GT3 Evo 1.0

    Inter Europol Competition livery, based on their LMP2 and LMP3 cars. This is not meant to be a replica, livery is fictional, as they do not race in GT3 class. IEC is Polish racing team starting in various Endurance racing series like WEC, ELMS and ALMS. Livery might not be the top quality...
  12. M

    2023 #3 DKR Engineering ALMS V1.0

    DKR Engineering entry into the ALMS for Dubai. I couldn't located an updated version of the quantum digital logo so I used a backdated one. I'll update if/when I find a better logo. This is for the URD Oreca.
  13. DD SimDesign

    ALMS 2000 | Audi Sport North America | AG Audi R8R | 2 Car Pack 1.1

    As requested - here's the 2000 ALMS R8R for the AssettoGarage Audi R8R. Enjoy!
  14. broy482005

    Porsche 911 997 GT3 RSR "Hybrid" Pack V.1.0

    Here is a pack of three "Porsche Hybrid" skins for the Porsche 911 997 GT3 RSR. One is the car which raced in ALMS, the second version is the car which raced on the Nürburgring in 2010 and the third is the "Show Car / Concept Car" which was presented in 2010. I made my best to reproduce the real...
  15. 009007

    RSS Ferruccio 33/Ferrari 333 SP real Magneti Marelli display logo 0.9

    Here is the final result: To make these decal work, you need to put it directly into your skin which is inside the skin folder, you will see all the skin your installed, copy my decal to it and it will changed instead of using CM installer directly. For example: Finally, Enjoy my skin :) That...
  16. 009007

    VRC PT Beamer 1999/BMW V12 LMR Real brake logo and Rim color 0.9

    This is the final effect: To make these decal work, you need to put it directly into your skin which is inside the skin folder, you will see all the skin your installed, copy my decal to it and it will changed instead of using CM installer directly. For example: Finally, Enjoy my skin :) That...
  17. DavidDGA

    1999 Ferrari 333 SP - ALMS skinpack 1.0

    Here is, again, the 333 SPs that run in the 1999 ALMS. Did these a year ago, but for Legion's mod. Now it's time for RSS ones, now with helmets, suits and gloves. To complete the Ferrari skinpack you need the fantastic job @Brandydo did to both Doyle Risi Racing #11 and #12...
  18. C

    Late 90s / early 00s Tire Pack 1.2

    Nothing special, just a set of tire textures compatible with the very popular GT and prototype mods from RSS and VRC. Features most of the brands in use at the time. I've put some research into this, but not nearly enough to claim it's accurate! How to install: simply drag and drop the...
  19. DD SimDesign

    Petit Le Mans 2000 | Prototype Technology Group | Nerd BMW M3 GTR | 2 Car Pack 1.0

    Both Performance Technology Group cars that participated in Petit Le Mans 2000 - may be some inaccuracies but somewhat hastily thrown together. For the nerd_bmw_m3_gtr mod. Enjoy!
  20. DavidDGA

    2000 ALMS - Porsche skinpack 1.0

    Here are all the Porsche 996 GT3R that ran at ALMS in 2000 (or at least 95% of them), made for RSS GTN Darche 96 I tried to remake all of the variants some liveries had during all the year and also liveries that ran only one race. With these, you will be able to recreate all the races...

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