assetto corsa skinpack

  1. MrWaflz55

    Wolf GB08 Thunder - 4 Skin Pack Final

    A small skin pack for the Wolf GB08 Thunder sports prototype racing car in Assetto Corsa. A mod that really needed some skins. If you don't have it, the required mod can easily be found on Assetto World by typing "Wolf" in the search. Thanks for downloading, please enjoy. #0 - Team Kicker...
  2. MrWaflz55

    Mosler MT900R GT Skin Pack 1

    Hi all, I wanted a Mosler running in my GT races so I made this quick skin pack for the ACTK Mosler MT900. The link to the required mod is in the description. There are four teams, ACT, Kicker, Bud Light and Deutsche Bank. They're quite simple in design but look very nice on the car in my...
  3. Mluqman6661

    BMW Z4 GT3 Skinpack (fictional) 2019-12-22

    This is my first skinpack, i'm sorry because my skin is not good in quality If you like my work you could give me a donation Thank you

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Skinpack 1.011

    Fictional Skinpack for the Ferrari 488 Gt3. 15 liveries All skins are 2k. Lumiranks available if Light Config Mod by M4MKey is installed In addition I made three of these liveries with GTLM numberplates, they are ready for the...

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