ayrton senna

  1. Mad Max Technologies

    KS Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale MARTINI N°3 Ayrton Senna 0.1

    KS Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale MARTINI N°3 Ayrton Senna
  2. perorocino

    Van Diemen RF81 Ayrton Senna da Silva #1 (Estonia-19) 1.0

    The first competitive car driven by the legend Ayrton Senna da Silva. The original car was a Van Diemen 81 formula 4. Couldn't find a better model for the car so i went with the Estonia-19 that required a few changes - the link for the car is in RD by @jurik1984 click Here Includes helmet and...
  3. Purple Sector

    VRC Formula Alpha 2023 McLaren MCL38 Senna 30 Years Livery 1.0

    Fictional McLaren MCL38 Senna 30 Years Special Livery for VRC Formula Alpha 2023 Helmet requires ACSPRH V2 (Patreon, Paid) McLaren Triple Crown suit by eddy81 Reflection map help by shadow118
  4. Mad Max Technologies

    Ferrari F40 Competizione n°79 Ayrton Senna 0.1

    Ferrari F40 Competizione n°79 Ayrton Senna
  5. mefaDev

    Ayrton Senna MP4/4 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Assetto Corsa 1.0.0

    Ayrton Senna 1988 livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023
  6. Alkie38

    Classic Liveries 13: Williams FW16, My Team Full Package, SemiMoMods 1.00

    This livery has been covered by many over the years so I've decided to add my version to the list. Mod Contains: Car Wheel Hubs Steering Wheel Customisation Driver Suit, Gloves, Helmet Race Crew Pitcrew Pit Gantry Pit Garage Garage Car Monitor Pit Perch Office Umbrella Emblem ParkYongLee's...
  7. likeabeus

    McLaren 720S GT3 EVO 98T Livery 1.1

    Hello guys, This is an adaptation of the 1986 Lotus F1 Livery used by Ayrton Senna. It features the colors from the original car, as well as some of the sponsors, along with carbon elements. I've included the car's .json as well, however, feel free to customize the rims to your liking. As with...
  8. Why the First Hungarian Grand Prix Was A Big Deal

    Why the First Hungarian Grand Prix Was A Big Deal

    The Hungarian Grand Prix is a mainstay on the Formula One calendar: When teams take to the track close to Budapest this weekend, it will be the 38th time the event is part of the World Championship. The first time F1 set up shop at the Hungaroring in 1986 was rather special, and not just for a...
  9. Goodbye, Lead Foot: Practicing Your Throttle Control

    Goodbye, Lead Foot: Practicing Your Throttle Control

    Electronic driver aids are nothing new in racing and are very much present in sim racing as well. Many modern racing cars have ABS or traction control at their disposal, almost eliminating the possibilitly of locking up under braking or spinning out under acceleration. Still, it pays off not to...
  10. The Official Senna DLC You Might Have Missed

    The Official Senna DLC You Might Have Missed

    The legend of Ayrton Senna lives on: Thanks to the documentary-style movie and various of his iconic cars that are available in racing games and simulations, the three-time F1 World Champion is still present in the minds of motorsport fans and sim racers, even almost 30 years after his death at...
  11. Alkie38

    Rothman Williams FW16 "Senna Tribute" My Team, Full Teamwear, Modular Mods 1.01a

    My tribute to the late great Ayrton Senna, his last car the Williams FW16 This mod contains two slightly different versions of the car: Firstly a carbon copy of Senna's car complete with tribute decals Or An edited car that can be run with your own race number and without any added decals...
  12. not_frosh

    Ayrton Senna John Player Special Radical SR3 XXR 23' 1.0

    As a tribute to the great Ayrton Senna, I have made a skin based on the 80's lotus that Ayrton used and in which he got his first victory in formula 1, I have used the radical just for the fact that it is a competitive car and free. besides that for online servers or leagues is perfect. the...
  13. I

    BRKart skin download missing from rfactorcentral

    Does anybody have Ayrton Senna's bercy karting skin for the brkart mod? If so, please share the link for the download.
  14. pz666

    Ayrton Senna's Indycar test livery v1.0

    Ayrton Senna tested an Indycar at Firebird raceway in late 1992 when his future with McLaren was still up in the air due to the loss of Honda engines. Penske was very keen to add Senna to their team for 1993 as he knew Mansell was also considering a move for the Newman/Haas team which...
  15. Alkie38

    McLaren MP4 (Senna Tribute), My Team, Full Racewear, Modular Mods 1.04a

    This week it's a tribute to, (in my opinion), truly the GOAT Ayrton Senna and possibly the greatest car ever made, from 1991 the McLaren MP4-6 (Not 100% accurate as I have included other sponsors that the car displayed over the years) Kudos to the guys at Modular Mods To run this mod the MM...
  16. Aloy_

    McLaren Career Helmet (Senna Inspired) - Arai GP6 (No Wing) 1.0

    McLaren Career Helmet (Senna Inspired) !! IMPORTANT NOTES !! This mod requires MODULAR MODS base files, find it here https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/modular-mods-2022-base-files-required.52484/ To install just COPY&PASTE the content to your F1 game folder Find me on Discord if you...
  17. Aloy_

    McLaren Senna Inspired Helmet 1.0

    McLaren Senna Inspired Helmet !! Installation !! Copy&Paste the file to paks folder in your F1 Manager 22 game folder (...\F1Manager22\Content\Paks)
  18. Danilo-cs

    ASR Ferrari F1 1996 Ayrton Senna Fan Fiction Skin 1.0

    Hi, I'm Daniel! Everyone wishes Senna hadn't died at Tamburello in 1994, right? With that in mind, I made a special gameplay at Asseto Corsa imagining that Ferrari would be crazy enough to hire Senna and Schumacher for 1996: A great driver at the end of his career and another champion on the...
  19. Alkie38

    Lotus 99T Full Package (Manual & Modular Mods Install) 1.0

    Officially just 5 days to go till the release of F1 2022, today To celebrate this, today we have the car Ayrton Senna drove way back in 1987 (I have removed all numbers from the MM file leaving the hard-coded number for realism) ..If you like it, please hit those star buttons :) Mod includes...
  20. The Phenomenon of Getting in the Zone

    The Phenomenon of Getting in the Zone

    „If you no longer go for a gap that exists…” – this quote from three-time Formula 1 World Champion Ayrton Senna is arguably one of the most well-known among sim racers. No matter if it is interpreted as serious our as an excuse for crashing into title rival Alain Prost at Suzuka in 1990 – this...

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